Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike Review – Read This Before Buying

Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike Review – Read This Before Buying! One kind of bike that has gotten quite famous amongst the bike riders off late is the pit dirt bike. A lot of people find the normal bikes to be too bulky and rowdy and prefer to opt for the ones that are a bit smaller in their size. They consider riding a light weight bike for their day to day purposes as it is much easier and convenient. One major reason why they prefer these pot bikes over the other huge ones is the ease with which they can be used. A light kick gets them to start and one is able to ride it for many hours if needed.

A very famous dirt bike, amongst the ones that come in a lightweight, is APOLLO 250 cc Dirt Bike. This bike has gained popularity not only in the elders but also in the children who have just recently gotten permission to ride bikes. One major condition imposed by the parents when they permit their kids to ride the bikes is that they would be allowed to ride it only if they choose a dirt bike. This is owing to the fact that while riding it, the chances of an accident are minimal.

Things to keep in mind before buying the pit bike:

A few things that one should look forward to having when it comes to buying a pit bike are as follows:

  1. Air-cooled:

One of the major features that actually help a rider in riding the bike for a long period of time is its ability to be air-cooled. When people are used to riding bikes to long distances, these bikes tend to get hot. Thus, it is required for the bike to come with a system that keeps it cooled automatically.

  1. Long-lasting battery:

Another feature that most of the people look forward to having while buying pit bikes is long-lasting batteries. Obviously, it won’t be a cool sight to having to pull over on the way, get off the bike and recharge its battery. Therefore, long-lasting batteries if required for people commuting to long distances.

  1. Adjustable speed:

Different kinds of roads require a person to ride the bike at different speed limits. Where a bumpy road needs to be traveled on at a lesser speed, a well-constructed one can be traveled on at a faster pace. Therefore, before buying a dirt bike, customers mostly choose the one that comes with adjustable speed.

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  • OA L*W*H84.3″*32.3″*48.6″ Height to seat36.6″ Min ground clearance11″
  • Tires,front/rearF:80/100-21 R:110/90-18
  • NOT CARB approved for California Buyers

Benefits that Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike comes with:

  1. Easy to move around:

If the main road on which you have to commute every day is narrow and filled with a number of pots, having this bike will help you a lot. Being a bit smaller in size and easier to move around, it is easy for the rider to carry the bike and zoom it around the pits. This reduces the time that usually people have to take up in order to take all the twists and turns on the road. Without any kind of obstruction, people riding these bikes can swiftly reach their destination.

  1. Safe for the kids:

Parents who want to give their kids the freedom of commuting on the roads but always worry about their safety can rely on the Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike. This can be done without batting an eyelash, as this is one of the safest bikes you can get for your kids. Also, as the bike is smaller in the size, one can say that there is no enough distance to fall out of the vehicle. Thus, safety enhances manifold.

Features of Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike:

Some of the major features that come with Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike are:

  • The speed of this bike:

The speed traveled by the Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike is that of 250CC. thus, it can be said that this bike is a safe option to opt for. Owing to this safe speed offered by this bike, one can say that the distance covered by it is not only efficient but also safe.

  • Easy to put together:

Another amazing feature that this bike comes with is the facility to put it together within a few minutes. When the cart of this bike arrives, the customer often gets worried by seeing the parts disorganized. However, putting these parts together and making it functional is not a difficult task.

Within fifteen minutes, one is able to join all the parts together and make this bike work. However, the instructions manual that comes with this package needs to be read keenly and used accurately while putting the parts together. This would make the assembling process quite straightforward.

  • Electric start:

The possibility of starting the bike in an electronic manner, rather than having to kick it ruthlessly is also a feature that the customers love about the bike. With a manual bike, starting the bike would always turn out to be quite a hassle. The process of kicking it and then moving it with great force so that it works would make one hate commuting on it. The Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike, contrary to this, comes with quite a convenient system in which one can start it within a second.

  • Low eight-item:

For most people, the weight of their bike could be that one thing that would bother them a lot. They would look forward to having a lightweight option, which would make things easier for them. In such a situation, this particular bike comes in handy with a weight of a mere 350 pounds. With this amount of weight, it gets easier for the rider to move it around and commute on it.

  • Efficient stock tires:

Another great feature of the Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike is the efficient stock tires of it. These tires are surly effective enough to move as well on the sand as they move on the roads. Thus, these tires make the movement of the bikes competent for the riders on all surfaces.


  • The low cost of the Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike is its biggest pro. With a very minimal price tag, one can easily say that this bike is quite an affordable option. For a lot of parents who have to buy a new bike for their children, this is surely a reasonable one.
  • The electric start of this bike is quite a huge benefit. For all the people who find it hard to kick start their bikes in the morning.
  • All the bolts and bars required to connect with the bikes and make it working come along with the package. Thus, it gets easier for the user to connect all the parts of this bike together. Along with this, these bolts reduce the time required to put things together.
  • The company ships the original product to the customers soonest possible. Thus, no matter at which place in the world does the customer lives. The company would send the package to his home within a week.


The Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike comes with a few cones as well.

  • The rear sprocket is not too sturdy. There are times when the rider while moving over a pot, feels the rear sprocket to go loose. In such a situation, he can feel it shivering for the entire time while he is riding on the bike.
  • Contrary to the rear sprocket, the suspension is a bit hard. Thus, there are times when the stiff suspension troubles the rider pretty much.
  • Replacing the stock engine oil is a bit difficult to do.


Out of all the options available to the bike riders when it comes to talking about the pit bike dirt, the Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike is a probable option to opt for. With all the cons that it comes with, the benefits that it has surely outdo them. A person with a very low budget, when he cannot give out a substantial amount of money. This option appears to be the right one for him.

Along with this, the feature of this product has an electric start is also a viable option. If the bike offers any kind of problem, later on, one can easily troubleshoot. This option makes it possible for the rider to remove all the problems he encounters while riding this bike. Hence, he doesn’t have to visit the help center for that matter.

A dirt pot motorcycle is an easy option to opt to owe to its efficiency and low weight. There are a plethora of options available in the market. Hence the customer may get a bit confused about which bike to choose. If you are one of them, revisit the above-stated features and make your final decision.

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