8 Best Pink Hoverboards in 2019 Reviews with Comparison

Ever fascinated with an idea of surfing on the land? This thrill is surely loved by many enthusiasts and sports persons all around the world. You can travel for much distance with style and fun. For this, hoverboards are there to let you surf on the land with fun. They have basically a skate type look on which you can mount your feet with grip.

Usually electrical driven, these hoverboards can be charged up in a few hours. Most of them carry self-balancing feature. So, there is no worry of learning it even for a beginner. They feature soft and textured tires which give you a good grip and traction as you go. What’s more, Bluetooth feature is there too for having music and fun on the go.

If you had been looking for some best hoverboards collection, we have for you here. This article will show you the best pink hoverboards in 2019 to buy. Their specs and other details are written. So, buy one or gift them.

Best Pink Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooter in 2019

XtremePowerUS8 mphYes350W165 lbsCheck Price
CHO TM8.5 mphYes700W264 lbsCheck Price
GOTRAX7 mphYes400W200 lbsCheck Price
Worry-freeNAYesNANA Check Price
Hoverboard Two-Wheel10 mphYes400W180 lbsCheck Price
Hoverboard Flash Wheel 10 mphYes500W220 lbsCheck Price
Wheeltoys10 mphYes400W180 lbsCheck Price
Swagtron8 mphYes250W220 lbsCheck Price

1. XtremepowerUS Self balancing Scooter Hoverboard:

XtremepowerUS Self balancing Scooter Hoverboard

XtremepowerUS hoverboard can give you the best speed and ride.


XtremepowerUS hoverboard features diversity. This UL certified hoverboard is easy to learn and is safe as well. A shout out to all the sporting enthusiasts, this hoverboard maintains a max speed of 8 mph. the wheel size is 6.5 inches.

In addition, the hoverboard has a weight capacity of 165 lbs. Also, having a battery of 4.4 Ah lithium-ion, this hoverboard maintains the perfect ride for a long time. It is a 36-volt battery and the motor power is 350 watt.

Not only does the XtremepowerUS hoverboard take 2-3 hours of charging but, it is UL certified for its safety as well as quality. What’s more, the inclusion of the LED lights makes your ride safe in the dark as well. There are flashing lights too for an added fun. So, choose from a variety of 6 colors and get your stylish hoverboard under your feet. XtremepowerUS hoverboard has a 360° rotation feature for you to experience great action. Lastly, the rubber foot pads avoid you to slip from it.

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  • It has a Bluetooth feature to connect with your smartphone.
  • It is great for its price.
  • Also includes the battery level indicator.
  • Very easy to learn.
  • The LED lights add to its fun.


  • It goes for only 5° steeper angle.
  • Bluetooth has a short range.

2. CHO TM All terrain Hoverboard:

CHO TM All terrain Hoverboard

A perfect self-balancing hoverboard for all riding lovers, Cho TM is an all-terrain hoverboard with nice features.


For a high-quality electrical performance, this hoverboard is UL 2272 certified. CHO TM has high-quality rubber tires of 6.5 inches specifically designed for an all-terrain purpose. Thus, it gives a smoother and bumpy-less ride on all surfaces. Moreover, the textured hard vacuum tires give you a good grip and control on whatever you ride. So ride on grass, gravel or mud as you like.

Furthermore, the CHO TM hoverboard is equipped with the LED lights of high intensity. This provides a safer and secure ride in the night. So, you ride anytime you want. Coming with a built-in wireless speaker, connect your device with your hoverboard and enjoy music on the go. This hoverboard has a maximum load capacity of 264 lbs. In addition to this, the maximum climbing height is 17 degrees.

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  • The charging time is just 90-120 minutes.
  • It bears the greater load.
  • An awesome hoverboard for the price.
  • The tires have a good grip.
  • High tread wheels give good traction.


  • Creates noise.

3. GOTRAX hoverfly Ion LED hoverboard:

GOTRAX hoverfly Ion LED hoverboard

With a better speed and features, Gotrax hoverboard has an amazing self-balancing mode.


Always making you safer, gotrax hoverboard has a well self-balancing mode of the ride. This one comes with a motor of 400 watts. These dual motors increase the ion electric hoverboard up to the speed of 7mph. What’s more, the inclusion of the LED lights makes your ride safe in the dark as well. Moreover, it has blue and two ultra-vivid LED headlights for that purpose. Not only suitable for kids only but also adults, it has a weight capacity of 200 lbs.

So, you can choose by a variety of 9 colors. Excelling in all safety features, this hoverboard by Gotrax is UL 2272 certified. In addition, its electrical, battery and charging systems are tested and certified for complete safety.  Lastly, the awesome self-balancing mode makes it easier for beginners to learn.

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  • Very easy to ride.
  • Has the cool effect of lighting at night.
  • It has a nice as well as smooth ride.
  • The quality of this hoverboard is great.
  • It has a good grip.


  • Has an annoying beeping sound.

4. Worry-free gadgets smart hoverboard:

Worry-free gadgets smart hoverboard

Another smart and self-balancing hoverboard for you. This one is a must have for all the sports lovers.


The worry-free hoverboard is an easy to handle hoverboard with good control. The self-balancing feature makes this suitable for the beginners as well as adults. This hoverboard is accomplishing all safety features, this hoverboard by Gotrax is UL 2272 certified. So, its electrical, battery and charging systems are tested and certified for complete safety.

Controlling maximum tilt, this hoverboard tilts at around 15-30 degrees. So, you can ride smoothly on steeper angles too. In fact, it only takes around 60-120 minutes to recharge its battery. Furthermore, the material of the hoverboard is alloy metal which is durable. Also, the tires width is 6.5’’ whose rubber gives good traction. Moreover, it has a low battery protection feature when it goes down below 10%. Lastly, the package includes a power adapter and an instruction manual.


  • There are alternating blue and red lights.
  • It is UL certified.
  • The material is durable.
  • Great steeper angle option.


  • It has no Bluetooth.

5. Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter:

Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Fire resistant and with new hoverboard skin, Hoverheart hoverboard is another amazing option for a good ride.


This hoverboard has anti-fire coating material which makes it one of the safest hoverboards in the market. The LED lights with the lighting up tires feature make it safe for use in the night. Hoverheart hoverboard is of very sturdy material which can withstand the weight of up to 180 lbs. Furthermore, it gives an option of impeccable speed control for easy learning and better control. This hoverboard is UL certified for its safety as well as quality. So, you are sure of riding safely on this.

Moreover, the Hoverheart hoverboard is equipped with a 36V/4A battery. Hit up to the max speed of 10 mph. Also, the range is 6-8 miles which is pretty much. With the speed control option, this one is a perfect choice for kids and adults alike. All in all, the dual motors of 200 w each keep this hoverboard performing well.

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  • Bluetooth works really well.
  • It has a good price.
  • It gives good self-balancing.
  • Has a good range.


  • The material is not that impressive.
  • Hoverboard tumbles sometimes.

6.Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Flash Wheel 6.5″ Wireless Speaker with LED:

Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Flash Wheel 6.5 Wireless Speaker with LED

Another amazing hoverboard from the collection of a hoverboard. Regardless of any age, this one is great to have hoverboard for everyone.


A very self-balancing hoverboard with amazing features. Hoverheart hoverboard maintains your perfect equilibrium even on the first try. This means that it is easier to learn about it. Not only that, but it also includes LED lights in it to make a night ride much safer for you. Also, these LEDs pulse with every move. Made of very sturdy material, this is going to last for many months.

Furthermore, this hoverboard supports up to 220 lbs of weight. The automatic connecting Bluetooth feature connects easily with your smartphones and devices. So, listen to your favorite music on the go.  For safety, this hoverboard is UL certified. As a result, this makes it a safe and stable choice for fun lovers. Equipped with a 36V / 4A battery, go up to the speed of 10 mph covering 10 miles easily. The other accessories which it includes are a charger and manual help.


  • The tires have good grip.
  • The price for this one is good.
  • Hoverheart hoverboard has better range.
  • It has the finest quality from a Chinese manufacturing company.


  • Speed is not that good.

7. Hoverboard Flash Wheel Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter by Wheeltoys

Hoverboard Flash Wheel Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter by Wheeltoys

Having a variety of colors with an anti-fire plastic material. Wheeltoys hoverboard is the coolest one you can have.


With a sturdy material and great quality, wheeltoys hoverboards are very durable. A very self-balancing hoverboard with great features to buy. Wheeltoys hoverboard maintains your perfect equilibrium even on the first try. This means that it is ideal for both the beginners as well as experts. Also, there are LEDs which light up flash wheels. So, you ride safely in the night too.

Furthermore, these hoverboards come with an automatic connection to the Bluetooth. So, enjoy your favorite music on the go. Equipped with a 36V/4A battery, grab a speed of up to 10 mph and a range of 5-7 miles. Being a lightweight itself, this hoverboard can also support the weight of almost 180 lbs.


  • This hoverboard is UL certified.
  • It runs smoothly on many terrains.
  • A great hoverboard in rain too.
  • It has a great design.
  • The quality is pretty durable.
  • Lights up brightly.


  • Does not charge up properly.

8.Swagtron T1 Swagboard electric hoverboard:

Swagtron T1 Swagboard electric hoverboard

A great choice for hoverboard lovers, Swagtron hoverboard is what you want to cruise with. It is a well-balanced and high-quality hoverboard which is easy to learn.


Excelling in all safety features, this hoverboard by Swagtron is UL 2272 certified. It features Stop Safe Technology and new smart Battery Management System (BMS) to let you move safely.

Furthermore, this is a 2 wheel balancing scooter which maintains your perfect equilibrium. Also, you can cruise with your Swagtron hoverboard for the distances of up to 7-12 mile at a speed of 8 mph.

Being a strong and hard-shell choice, this hoverboard has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. Moreover, it has a hard ABS outer casting which maximizes its strength.

So, get your learning mode on as the hoverboard has a slower speed mode. This also includes a system and battery indicator to keep you alert about any error. The rubber bumpers and the two riding modes keep you moving on the road and through bumps. In addition to this, the Swagtron hoverboard features a 250-watt motor to give a powerful control over your ride. As a result, this lets you climb to as steep angles at 30°.

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  • The frame of Swagtron hoverboard is flame resistant.
  • It avoids short-circuiting due to its BMS technology.
  • The product has one year warranty.
  • It has a multi-layered lithium battery.
  • The balance is perfect.
  • Battery lasts a long time.


  • It gets shaky sometimes.


Hoverboards are a great choice for kids and adults when it comes to road fun. They are safe, durable and unique items which you can use for daily outdoor fun. The different technologies incorporated in them make them safe as well as balanced. Furthermore, you can buy them for your kids or gift them to others. Everybody is going to love and enjoy them.

In our article, we mentioned the best pink hoverboards you can buy in 2019. They are going to be an awesome gift for your daughters. They have strong plastic material with the feature of LED lights. Most of them are UL listed for safety and quality.

Looking for the perfect hoverboard in the market may be a difficult thing for you. Our article will guide you to choose the best one. Most of them are affordable and carry enough features. So, read and decide accordingly.

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