Coleman CT200U Mini Bike

Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Review-Read This Before you Buy

Coleman CT200U mini bikes have gotten a lot of fame in recent years. Owing to these bikes being small in size and low in their weight, people prefer riding them rather than heavy bikes. Riding harsh bikes is quite a put-off for healthy people. They look forward to riding those bikes that come with a smooth ride.

A minibike, obviously, has small tires that provide riders with this facility. These tires are not only soft but, at the same time, are quite stable on a rugged road. Coleman Mini Bike CT200U is quite a reliable option to opt for in this regard. Along with this, the mini bikes are adorned with a battery quite powerful for their working efficiently on the steep roads. A solid clutch makes things even better.

Reasons Why You Should Opt For a Mini Bike

  1. It can be used by both kids and adults

Owing to the acceptable size that these bikes come with, they can be used both by adults and. The reasonable size of these bikes makes them easy to ride for people of all ages.

Being small in size makes them a safe option for the kids; not having to exert extra force makes it a good choice for the elders. Thus, it becomes easier for a family filled with adults and kids to buy one item and use it appropriately for all the members equally.

  1. Easy to charge

It is a known fact that mini bikes do not need any fuel. Rather, a simple battery charge can aid them in transmuting through many miles. Thus, these bikes become quite cost-effective as recharging their batteries is quite a simple thing to do.

  1. Highly efficient engine

Compared to heavy bikes, mini bikes come with extremely efficient engines. These efficient engines make it easy to travel through difficult paths in the most efficient manner possible. These engines do not get warmed up no matter how long one commutes through them.

  1. Front and rear tires

These mini bikes come with two kinds of bikes located at two different places on the same vehicle. The front and rear tires are different from each other in terms of size and appearance.

However, together they provide their rider with a high level of security, and no matter how fast he rides the bike, he doesn’t have to face any accident or mishap.

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Features of Coleman Mini Bike CT200U

  1. The solid build

Made of an excellent build, these bikes are quite durable. Even if the rider has to take heavy stuff along with him, he can do that without worrying about the weight, as the bike would surely endure it easily. The stuff one needs to carry around can be placed in the cargo rack attached to the minibike.

  1. Safe tires

Interchanging the dimensions is quite easy with the help of this bike. People who commute through difficult places can easily control their bikes, thanks to the front and rear tires firmly attached to the bike.

  1. Efficient speeding

With a maximum speed of 20mph, one can say that this bike is quite a reliable one for adults and kids. The reasonable speeding makes it possible for the adult to make it move even till 30mph. However, kids can ride it at a lower level of speed. Hence, it can be said that the Coleman Mini Bike CT200U is a safe ride for everyone as it is easy to keep in control.

  1. Fat tires

Another great feature of this mini bike is the size of the tires that it comes with. With the help of these fat tires, climbing up an elevation of four thousand feet gets easier. One can maintain his speed even at this height.

  1. Proficient engines

The engines that are a part of these bikes are single-cylinder, 6.5HP. The fact that these engines can run extremely efficiently makes these bikes run quite smoothly. At the same time, these engines have a low chance of getting heated up, which is one of the best features that it comes with.

The fuel valve comes with an off and an on button, which is different from one another. If one warms the engine for a short time before riding the bike, it is easier to work efficiently.

  1. Appropriate fuel consumption

One major feature that makes this bike quite a sought-after item is the efficient consumption of fuel. Filling the bikes is not a continuous task to do. Therefore, one can easily save as much money as possible by not filling the bike with fuel at regular intervals.


  1. Easy to put together

The Coleman Mini Bike CT200U is quite easy to put together. The package comes with all the required items that one needs to put the bike together. The process of putting it together is quite efficient, and one can do it single-handedly.

  1. Cost-effective

Out of all the highly-priced items available to bike riders, this particular one comes in a very minimal price range. In just 399 dollars, one can get his hands on this bike and save a lot of money.

  1. A durable option

This bike is made up of a very strong and firm built, making it a very long-lasting item. With the help of this benefit, one gets able to keep the bike with him for a very long period of time.

  1. The storage

When people need to travel longer distances and bring some stuff along, they may find it difficult to keep the stuff along. However, this bike comes with a storage basket, making it convenient to place things in it.

  1. Accident proof

With a strong built and a sturdy body, this bike is accident-proof. Even if a person hits the bike to something big, the chances of it getting destroyed are very meek.

  1. A pretty design

One major reason why kids love to have this bike is the looks of this bike. The design of this bike is trendy, which makes it worth having for the riders.

  1. Recommended for kids

If you have a child of age more than thirteen who has constantly been requesting you to buy him a bike, this one is what you should narrow down your search on.

Being an extremely safe option, you do not have to worry about your kid’s well-being while he is riding it. As the speed offered by the bike is not way too much, it can be said that even at the maximum speed, the kid riding it would stay safe.


  1. Need to assemble it

The biggest disadvantage that this bike comes with has to assemble all its parts. For a lot of people, this turns out to be quite an inconvenient task.

They consider putting together the parts a tough task to complete as compared to the already assembled bikes. This is surely one of the major reasons why people decide not to buy this bike.

  1. Oil dripping

A lot of people have the issue of this bike dripping off after a usage of a long period of time. This complaint has a lot of people replacing this bike with another one.

  1. Limited weight

One major con of this bike is the limited amount of weight that it can endure. This limit is around 200 lbs, more than which cannot be put on the bike.


Coleman Mini Bike CT200U is a powerful ride that comes with a sturdy engine. The 4 stroke engine comes with enough power to provide the bike with efficient fueling.

Along with this, with a simple pull, one can start the bike quite easily. The fact that the kids and adults can ride this bike with equal ease makes it a bike worth buying.

The amount of cash that one has to pay to get this bike in possession is quite affordable. This is why most people are quite comfortable buying this bike for themselves.

Even if they have to get it for their kid, they prefer opting for the Coleman Mini Bike CT200U. It has a sturdy body that doesn’t get affected much even after being hit by a massive object.

So, what are you waiting for? If you search for a mini bike that provides you great speed, an efficient engine, a durable body, and a carriage feature, you should definitely buy the Coleman Mini Bike CT200U. Online and market shopping is available, with a promise that you would receive your package as soon as possible.

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