Want to Buy a New Drift Kart? Check Out these Options

One of the most enjoyable practices that the youth of today love doing is drifting. If you yourself are a young lad or lady, you would know how much endearing is this act, and how rage does it have amongst the new generation. This has turned out to be an art form for them and they love to show their talent to their friends and peers.

Though it needs a lot of hard work and practice to be an expert of it, youngsters put their blood and sweat in order to get perfect in it. Now, the availability of drift karts has made it even easier and convenient for these drifting lovers to celebrate their love for this hobby.

These vehicles are basically carts that have an electric connection on the front. This connection if hooked up with the frontal wheel. Along with this, kneel of the cart is used as a throttle. Thus, circling around with this cart gets really easy.

Nonetheless, it takes a bit of time to understand the working of this vehicle. When you completely understand the working of the cart, you would be able to use it for skidding as well as steering in quite an efficient manner.

Things to Look For While Buying a Drift Kart:

1. Shoulder harness:

One of the major features that you should look for while buying a new drift kart is the availability of shoulder harness. If you have a kid who is asking you to get the drift kart, the first feature to go for is the shoulder harness. This will add to the security level of the kid riding on it.

Once you buckle your kid with the harness, he would be able to ride the kart in whatever way want and will still stay safe. Also, it will add to the confidence of your kid using this vehicle for the ridding.

2. Rechargeable battery:

While buying a new drift kart, it would be a good option to choose the one that comes with a rechargeable battery. This will let your kid ride on this vehicle for a long time without it stopping owing to the battery going dead. Along with the battery, this kart should also come with a battery charger so you won’t have to pay extra in order to buy it separately.

3. Solid frame:

Another major feature that should be a part of your new kart is the solid frame with which it is made. The steel frame of the kart will make this product a long-lasting one.

Compared to the kart that is made of plastic, this steel kart will be extremely durable and long lasting. If unfortunately, you end up hitting the kart somewhere really hard, it should remain unharmed.

4. Assembling of the kart:

Another great feature to look for is the assembling of the kart. Once the box is opened, it would be really easy to assemble the handle to the kart. Installation of the handle to the kart will be extremely easy, and all one needs to do is following the instructions that come with the manual. After that, the throttle needs to be assembled which should also be straightforward in order to avoid confusion.

5. Varied speed:

Hover boards that come with a variety of options in terms of speed selection are a good option to go for. This means that no matter a kid is riding the hover board or an adult, the speed can be changed according to the person riding it. For a kid, you can mellow down the speed, while an adult can drift the kart in which ever speed he likes as long as it is safe and keeps him unharmed. Thus, choosing a hover board with varied speeding is what you should opt for.

5 Best Drift Kart in 2019 Reviews

Buying a new drift cart, especially when you are a newbie, can get difficult. Researching the market to a great deal is required to make sure one doesn’t end up wasting his hard earned money. Thus, to make the selection easier, some of the best options of the drift karts are mentioned below. Understanding their pros and cons thoroughly will help you in taking the right decision efficiently.

1Razor Crazy Cart ShiftRazor Crazy Cart Shift29.4 pounds2 12V batteries
2Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-OnRazor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On57.64 lbstwo (12V)
3Razor Durable Adult Bucket Seat High Torque MotorRazor Durable Adult Bucket Seat High Torque Motor Drifting Crazy Cart112.2 lbs24V (two 12V)
4Razor Crazy Cart XLRazor Crazy Cart XL112.2 lbs3 12V batteries
5Razor Force Drifter KartRazor Force Drifter Kart 2.2 pounds2 12V batteries

1. Razor Crazy Cart Shift

Razor Crazy Cart Shift

While choosing one great drift kart, you need to put the option of safety ahead of every other thing. If you are safe while riding the cart, you will be able to ride on it for very long periods of time. Along with this, if you are a father buying it for your kid, you would keep in mind the safety level of your kid. Once you are sure of it, you would go ahead and give it a nod. The Razor Crazy Cart shift is designed in such a manner that it makes drifting much more convenient and easier for the youngsters to invent new and better ways of creating such drifts.

Another amazing feature that the razor crazy cart shift comes with is the high torque in its wheels. Thus, the hub motor of the wheel is also something which adds to the power technology of this vehicle. The convenience that it comes with is the fact that you do not need to chain it with something as it doesn’t require any kind of alignment. Without the requirements of a chain tensioner, the working of the entire drift cart gets really straightforward.

If you are worried about the speed with which the kart world move, you need to be aware of the fact that its speed is about 8mph. nonetheless, this occurs when you spend around forty minutes using it.

Along with this, people who are heavy in wait, at times, find it difficult to have a kart that would support their weight. This hover board, however, can handle a weight up to one hundred and twenty pounds in one time. It is thus a perfect option for kids above the age of eight as well as youngsters.


  • Supports the weight of heavy people
  • Super-efficient in drifts
  • Speeds up to 8mph


  • A bit expensive

2. Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

If you are looking forward to having a hover board that is extremely stylish in its looks, the razor ground force drifter is the perfect choice to go for. Considered as a hover board having one of the chicest styles ever, it will instantly change the persona around you. Along with this, the flashes that it shows while the user drifts it are fantastic. The looks and style of the kart surely make the youngster want to spend their money on it.

The speed of the razor ground force hover board is phenomenal. The maximum reach that it can move to is 12mph. if you exert more force, you can bring it forward to around 19kmh as well. The faster you move it, the more sparks will you be able to witness and enjoy. The rear wheels of the razor ground force drifter are sleek and make the working of the vehicle even more efficient.

Another amazing feature this hover board possesses is the large range of speed that can be utilized while drifting. If you are a newbie, you can ride it slow for safety purposes. However, if you love to drift hardcore, speed up the kart and it will serve you exactly the way you want to be served. Compared to the other hover boards, this one lets its users to be up to the weight of 140 pounds in order to ride it easily.

This hover board is easy to be charged and once you charge it fully, you can make it work up to twelve hours. This is an amazing feature that helps its users stay away from the annoyance of having to charge it time and again.


  • Extremely stylish
  • Can comfortably take up 140 pounds weight
  • Sleek rear wheels


  • Difficult to assemble

3. Razor Durable Adult Bucket Seat High Torque Motor Drifting Crazy Cart

Razor Durable Adult Bucket Seat High Torque Motor Drifting Crazy Cart

For the purpose of holding drifting competitions with your friends, you can surely make use of the Razor durable adult bucket seat. This drifting machine is surely one of the best items available owing to the amazing features that it comes with.

The best feature, without any doubt, is the variable level of speed options. By accelerating the pedal, you can speed it up to 12 mph. thus, even if you want to slow it down, you can do it quite efficiently.

The safety level of the user is the most important thing especially if a parent is buying it for his kid. Buying the Razor Durable Adult Bucket Seat will help in adding to the safety level provided owing to the high-level control on spins and drifts. No matter how fast a person drifts it, he will always be able to do it as safely as it gets.

The front tire of the hover board is pneumatic, this, the caster wheels at the front of the hover board make it possible for the rider to have a proper hold on the kart being used by the rider.

An efficient battery system is also an added feature, which further makes this hover board worth having kart for not only the kids but also the youngsters. A rechargeable battery along with the charger makes the long riding of this kart possible.

Also, the user doesn’t need to buy the charger himself by paying an extra amount. Rather, it comes along with the box of the hover board. The 24V battery is quite a strong one and doesn’t get damaged easily. Once you have charged the battery to the full, you can easily ride the kart for up to forty hours.


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Pneumatic front tires
  • Speeds up to 12mph


  • Difficult to revert

4. Razor Crazy Cart XL

Razor Crazy Cart XL

One of the most sought after drifting kart amongst the youngsters today is the Razor Crazy Cart XL. Having quite a chic style and a design that will make heads turn, this kart is what most of the kids and youngsters are opting for these days. Just like the ones mentioned above, this razor crazy cart also comes with an option of variable speeding. This means that you can ride it fast as well as slow just according to your own level of comfort. The back seat of the kart is raised that makes it even more comfortable.

The structure of this hover board is quite sturdy. The company, while manufacturing this product, gives special importance to the steel frame using which this product is made. This perfect steering makes pulling over this cart, whenever you have to, easy. This capability provides the company with 360-degree steering that makes turns easy and efficient.

This product is extremely lightweight. With a weight of just 112.2 lbs, the product gets extremely easy to be turned, reversed or moved up. No matter what kind of drifting you want to make, you can easily do that owing to the low weight that this article comes with.

However, you need to assemble this product. Once it reaches your house, you can simply read the manual that comes with it and follow the steps. Mostly, a person doesn’t need an extra hand to get this thing done.


  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to handle being lightweight
  • Sturdy built


  • A bit expensive

5. Razor Force Drifter Kart

Razor Force Drifter Kart

In a very reasonable amount of money, you can easily get your hands on a hover board that doesn’t only look good but at the same time is extremely efficient in its working.

The Razor Force Drifter Kart is powered by electricity. Thus, one does not need to worry about its lack of efficiency in working. Along with this, the design used in its manufacturing is ground force. This makes the efficiency with which it works even better.

The speed of this hover board is also variable. This means that when a kid is using it, a low-level speed can be set for it. On the other hand, for a youngster using it, more speed can be given to it just according to the requirements of the user.

If you are a first timer and are still worried about your safety, you should know about the presence of thick rear wheels reduce all the chances of the rider countering an accident. Thus, no matter how many experiments does one perform while drifting, he stays safe and unharmed.

Working of the hover board is through a battery. The charger comes along with the whole package, and you can ride your hover board for around forty minutes consecutive when it is fully charged. Apart from this, any person, kid or young, with a weight of 140 pounds can ride this hover board easily.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Supports heavy people


  • Difficult to assemble


Having a drift kart is surely a thing of great honor as one can ride it whenever one wants. However, at times it is quite difficult for the parents to get this for their kids as they find them extremely unsafe. They think that drifting on them is a thing of great harm and their kid might get injured by tripping and falling.

However, with the right choice of hover board, this fear can be mitigated. Nonetheless, it needs you to go deep in the research and find out the best product that you can get your hands on. Before selecting the final hoverboard, make sure that it is light in weight, comes with a rechargeable battery and has efficient speed varying mechanism.

Being lightweight, it would make it extremely easy for the user to move it in whichever direction he wants, a rechargeable battery will make the working efficient while the varied speed mechanism will make it possible for the rider to ride it with great safety.

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