Hoverboard Could Be Beeping

8 Reasons Why Your Hoverboard Could Be Beeping

Why does your Hoverboard beep when you go fast? Each hoverboard has a maximum speed. For example, the maximum speed for a 6.5-inch hoverboard is 12 km/h, and if you ride more quickly than that, it will likely trigger the safety feature. In that case, you will feel the board slowing down, and the hoverboard will start beeping as a reminder of your fast riding. Therefore, you shouldn’t exceed the speed limit of your hoverboard.

Another reason your hoverboard beeps when you go fast might be uneven surfaces. If your board is tilted backward or forward over 15 degrees, your hoverboard will start beeping. In this article, I will discuss all common issues and possible solutions.

8 Reasons Why Your Hoverboard Could Be Beeping

Your hoverboard can be beeping due to several reasons. So figuring out what’s causing your hoverboard to beep can be challenging. Here are some most common causes of hoverboard beeping.

1. Uneven surfaces

If riding on uneven surfaces, your unit may start beeping as a warning sign. A rough surface tilts the board by over 15 degrees forward or backward, impacting your balance.

Without the right balance, you’re at a higher risk of falling down and potentially hurting yourself. However, you can quickly solve this problem by only riding your hoverboard on smooth and flat surfaces.

2. Beeping at higher speeds

If you’ve reached or exceeded the maximum speed, your hoverboard isn’t very safe, which is probably why it’s beeping. The machine is warning you of exceeding the maximum speed.

If you’re riding faster than the maximum, the unit will begin to slow down, and it will beep to warn you that you’re riding too fast.

3. Beeping and flashing

The green light will blink when your device’s battery drains below 20%. But if the red light starts blinking, it warns of a critically low battery.

In that case, you need to charge your hoverboard right away to stop the beeping. Stop riding your device if you notice either of these lights flashing.

4. Beeping and won’t turn off

If your device is beeping and won’t turn off, it likely has a problem with the motherboard. You can quickly fix this problem with a hoverboard repair kit that you can purchase online.

If you decide to fix it yourself, ensure the new one matches the type of motherboard currently in place. However, if you’re not confident in your skills, pay for repair service.

5. Your hoverboard charges for too long

Some brands have a two-hour limit of charging time to prevent overcharging. If you charge your board too long, even though it doesn’t show that it’s ultimately charged, there’s a high chance you will hear beeping. 

The battery indicator light will automatically turn on after 2 hours. This will notify you that you need to stop utilizing your hoverboard.

I also highly suggest that you let your device charge fully every time. Some people cut it halfway, damaging the battery cell and leading to many serious issues. Therefore, charge your hoverboard correctly, and you won’t face any problems.

6. Your hoverboard is overheating

If your device is showing an overheating error, this could be why you hear sounds while riding very fast. There’s a clear issue with the electrical circuit system when your board overheats. So, I suggest that you examine your hoverboard.

Make sure the screws aren’t loose. Before charging your device and determining the issue, don’t forget to tighten everything.

7. Bad wheel motors

Motors can also cause your device to beep when going fast. The red-light beeping issue will probably appear if your hoverboard motors don’t function properly. To resolve this issue, replace the wheel motors with new ones.

When you make the replacement, disconnect the faulty ones first. Then, utilize the tools for replacing the motors. However, if you’re not confident in your skills, visit a local repair service.

8. Faulty battery

Both internal and external factors can damage your battery. A faulty battery can cause your unit to beep when you ride it too fast. This problem can also force you to take a break after riding every few minutes. I suggest that you always carry a spare battery with you. 

Stop Your Hoverboard From Beeping

3 Ways To Stop Your Hoverboard From Beeping

If you can’t determine what causes the beeping of your hoverboard, here’s a list of a few common ways you can stop the beeping.

1. Recalibrate your unit

If your hoverboard beeps annoyingly, you can recalibrate it. First of all, adjust the foot pedals. They need to level with each other. Also, place your hoverboard on level ground.

Then, push the power switch for about 10 seconds until your hoverboard turns off. This should stop the beeping immediately and activate the LED lights.

Last, leave the hoverboard off for a few minutes, then push the power switch again to turn it back on. If your hoverboard continues to beep, you must recalibrate it one more time.

Important note: Never calibrate your hoverboard more than five times.

2. Reconnect the wires

If there’s a loose line inside your device, it could cause constant annoying beeping. Therefore, check if there’s a loose wire inside your hoverboard and fix it.

First of all, turn off your device. Then, unscrew it and open your board to see the power cables. Once you ensure everything is fine, check if they’re clipped in securely.

Just pull the wires out of the board and add them back in. If you notice a loose wire, you can disconnect it with a pencil or pen to press the clip outwards. Then, reconnect the wire securely. When reconnecting the wires, make sure that you match the colors correctly.

3. Solutions based on the number of red flashes

If reconnecting the wires or recalibration doesn’t stop the beeping, then notice how many times the red light indicator on your device flashes when it’s beeping. The number of red flashes can help you solve the issue. Once you get the number, follow the following steps.

A single flash:

If your hoverboard is flashing only once, there’s probably a motherboard issue. In this case, disconnect and reconnect the connections on the motherboard. If this doesn’t fix the problem, consider replacing the motherboard.

2-3 flashes:

If your hoverboard flashes 2 and 3 times, there’s probably a circuitry problem. In that case, buy a circuit board replacement kit and follow the instructions.

4-5 flashes:

If your hoverboard flashes 4 or 5 times, there’s a motor issue. More specifically, four flashes reveal a problem with the engine on the motherboard. On the other hand, five flashes indicate some issue with the motor on the battery. Either way, you will need to replace the motor.

Six flashes:

If your hoverboard flashes six times, there’s a problem with the battery, and you will likely need to replace it. Purchase a new one and follow the provided instructions accordingly.

7-8 flashes:

If your hoverboard flashes 7 and 8 times, there’s an apparent problem with the interface alignment, pin deviation, and a wrong socket. You can replace the whole circuit board or just the gyroscopes.

Nine flashes:

If your hoverboard flashes 9 times, there’s a problem with the orientation. Simply put, your device has been turned upside down for a while, and you need to flip it right-side-up to solve this issue.

If none of these fixes work, it’s time to buy a new hoverboard. Or you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement or refund.

Is it normal for a hoverboard to beep when turning?

No, it is not normal for a hoverboard to beep when turning. If your hoverboard beeps specifically when turning, it could indicate a problem with the internal sensors or the hoverboard’s balance.

This issue may require recalibration or repair. It’s recommended to consult the manufacturer’s manual or contact customer support for guidance on how to address this specific issue.

Can I disable the beeping sound on my hoverboard?

In most cases, it is not recommended to disable the beeping sound on your hoverboard. The beeping sound serves as an important safety feature, alerting you to potential issues or malfunctions.

Disabling the beeping sound may prevent you from being aware of these warnings. This could lead to potential accidents or damage to the hoverboard. If you find the beeping sound bothersome, it’s best to address the underlying issue.

How can I prevent my hoverboard from beeping in the future?

To prevent your hoverboard from beeping in the future, it’s important to properly maintain and care for it. This includes regularly charging the battery, avoiding overcharging, and storing the hoverboard in a cool and dry place.

Additionally, following the manufacturer’s instructions for usage, such as weight limits and recommended terrain, can help prevent unnecessary strain on the hoverboard’s components.

Why Does My Hoverboard Beep And Turn Red?

If your hoverboard is beeping and turning red, it is likely indicating a critical issue or error. The specific reasons for the beeping and red lights can vary depending on the hoverboard model, but here are a few common possibilities:

1. Low Battery

One of the most common reasons for the beeping and red lights is a low battery. When the battery level drops below a certain threshold, the hoverboard alerts you by beeping and displaying red lights. It’s important to recharge the battery to resolve this issue.

2. Overheating

If your hoverboard’s internal components, such as the motors or circuitry, become too hot, it can trigger the beeping and red lights. This is a safety feature to prevent damage or potential hazards. Give your hoverboard some time to cool down before using it again.

3. Motor Issues

Problems with the motors, such as a malfunction or excessive strain, can also cause the hoverboard to beep and display red lights. This could be due to a mechanical issue or an imbalance in weight distribution. It’s advisable to consult the manufacturer or a professional repair service to diagnose and fix any motor-related problems.

4. Sensor or Balance Issues

If the hoverboard’s sensors or balance system is not functioning correctly, it may trigger the beeping and red lights. This could be caused by a calibration error or a faulty sensor. Recalibrating the hoverboard according to the manufacturer’s instructions might help resolve this issue. If not, you can contact customer support.


If you’re tired at this point and have tested all the solutions and you still can’t stop the beeping, perhaps it’s time for a new hoverboard.

If your hoverboard is still under warranty, call the manufacturer and ask for a replacement or refund. In most cases, a company will either replace or fix a faulty hoverboard.