Hoverboard Cases and Skins

10 Cool Hoverboard Skins and Covers For kids(2021 Update)

Hoverboard skins are covers that are used to enclose different hoverboards. They add a cleaner and fancier look to each hoverboard while providing a better cover simultaneously. They also provide various colors, sizes, designs, and patterns, from which children can choose the most favorite.

The skin covering layer provides a protective layer for the hoverboard to prevent scratches and dents. They can also cover and keep your hoverboard protected in various areas and situations, like rain, dust, etc. So, the hoverboard skin isn’t just a simple accessory but a beneficial necessity as well.

Although the hoverboard skin is very suitable for your kids, choosing the most suitable one from the many products is not easy. Certain skins are more popular because of their different features and designs. We’ll be listing the 10 best hoverboard skins and covers for your kids. But before that, you’ll want to know how to pick the right one.

Hoverboard Cases and Skins
Best Hoverboard Skins and Covers with Review

How to Choose Hoverboard Skins For Your Kids?

There are some important details to remember when you start looking for the ideal skins include:

Dimensions: Ensure that your skins’ measurement is ideally matched to that of your own hoverboard. If you get the wrong size, your hoverboard won’t be covered and can actually be further damaged by the poor size choice.

Design: Skins and covers may have different designs. Some can be plain surfaces; others can have intricate patterns and stickers. A lot of covers also come with plastic coverings for stronger designs. Find the design that suits your hoverboard’s structure to stand out too much and perfectly align with the design.

Color: The color variety of skins and covers is vast. Neon colors, multicolored, electric colors, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is pick the case that best fits you. Black is a great color choice if you use your hoverboard plenty of times and you’re worried about dirt or stains.

Brand: If you want to choose the right skin for the hoverboard you already own, it’s important to check the brand. Choose the right skin according to the brand, so you can ensure that the size and style are appropriate.

10 Best Hoverboard Skins and Covers For Your Kids

After a lot of comprehensive research and reviewing, here is our list of the 10 best hoverboard skins and covers for your kids.

1. Kglobal Silicone cover

Kglobal Silicone cover 

Kglobal Silicone is the most trusted and popular brand that is associated with hoverboard covers. It offers both- quality as well as a cheap solution to your hoverboard protection. This skin is perfect for self-balancing scooters with a tire size of 6.5” (though it can also be used for sizes not too larger or smaller than the mentioned sie).

Further, it is available in attractive colors for boys and girls- Black, Blue, Light-blue, and Pink. It protects the self-balancing scooter from any scuffs or scratches and also keeps its surface clean.

The best thing about Kglobal covers is that they are made of premium quality silicone that is soft, comfortable, flexible, and gentle.

Its material does not cause any harm to both scooter and the rider’s feet. Moreover, it is extremely convenient to install. It is so easy that no tool is required. You need to fit the cover on both wheels with your hands.


  • Premium quality material
  • Available in attractive colors
  • Easy to install


  • Material is breakable

User reviews

Although most users are somewhat satisfied with the product, many have expressed displeasure that the cover does not fit the scooter perfectly.

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2. Yavocos Shell Replacement Cover

Yavocos Shell Replacement Cover 

Yavocos hoverboard outer cover is made from high-quality plastic. Its material is chrome plated. For those who don’t know, chrome plating means electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto any surface.

Hence due to chrome plating, the cover looks more charming and vibrant. This product is perfect for you if you want to decorate your hoverboard with a material that serves the triple purpose of protection, safety, and charm.

It is basically a shell replacement cover and can be used to replace the original hoverboard. You need to disassemble the hoverboard and remove the power and ignition connectors from the board to install it. After which, you will have to do the opposite operation in the refit. A cross screwdriver and hot glue would be enough for installation.

Yavocos hoverboard replacement shell cover is available in seven different color variants- Deep-blue, Gold, Green, Light-blue, Purple, Red, and Magenta. It can fit a scooter with tires of size 6.5 ”.


  • High-quality material
  • Premium chrome finish
  • Durable


  • We need to disassemble the hoverboard for installation

User Reviews

Most of the users have praised its material, especially the chrome finish. Users have also asserted that despite the need to dissemble the board for installation of the shell, it does not take much time and is in no way difficult.

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3. Mighty Skin Hoverboard Skin

Mighty Skin Hoverboard Skin 

Mighty Skin is another popular and trusted brand among hoverboard riders.  It is made from ultra-soft vinyl with dimensions of 13 “ x 0.1 “ x 12 “. So it is not hard like the other plastic or silicon ones.

It is perfectly compatible with the ‘Hover-1 H1 hoverboard scooter. Mighty Skin offers three layers of protection for your hoverboard. It is manufactured with ultra-thin, ultra-durable, stain-resistant laminate vinyl to effectively protect your gear from dings, scrapes, dust, and the tear of rough use.

Further, its air-releasing adhesive Vinyl technology is easy to remove as it leaves no sticky residue. Moreover, it has got a beautiful digitally printed design that boosts its looks. Also, its scratch-resistant laminate prevents any rashes or scratches on your hoverboard scooter.

One more plus point of Mightyskin Hoverboard skin can be purchased in more than 15 different colors and designs.

One issue that you can face with this product is compatibility. In case you have any doubts you can contact its customer service.


  • Ultra-soft
  • Stain and scratch-resistant laminate
  • Rich choice in color and design
  • It lasts long and can be removed easily


  • Not compatible with most hoverboards

User Reviews

This product has accumulated excellent user reviews from buyers. Most of the buyers have praised the quality of this product, but at the same time, they believe it should be applied with the utmost caution; otherwise, it can develop bubbles.

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4. Certicible Hoverboard Replacement Cover

Certicible Hoverboard Replacement Cover 

You can use a Certicible hoverboard replacement cover to replace the previous body of a hoverboard. It is compatible with almost all standard-sized self-balancing scooters. It fits a tire of 6.5 “.

Certicible hoverboard cover package includes two pieces of top case covers and two pieces of bottom case covers. One interior metal replacement frame also comes along with the package.

Note that lenses are not included in the product package. Hoverboard riders are well aware of the fact that hoverboard bodies develop scuffs and scratches over time.

The hoverboard gradually loses its beauty and charm with the development of rashes and scratches. To this problem, Certicible replacement shell cover offers the perfect solution. Riders can purchase this replacement cover and get rid of the older bruised body by fitting a brand new one.


  • Can replace damaged body of a hoverboard
  • Durable
  • Compatible with standard-sized scooters


  • Brand not very popular

User reviews

The product has received positive feedback in general. Most of the users are satisfied with the product.

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5. Game Xcel Hoverboard Skin

Game Xcel Hoverboard Skin 

Game Xcel hoverboard skin is made from 3M vinyl and printed with superior quality. HP Eco Solvent Inks. The manufacturing material of this product is extremely durable. Further, the material is waterproof as well.

Game Xcel hoverboard skin keeps the scooter fresh and shiny. It also safeguards the hoverboard from rashes and scratches on the body. This decal skin fits most of the hoverboards quite well. The skin is also effortless to remove, and no sticky residuals are left behind.

However, as newer models arrive, it requires some measurement and paper cutting to better fit lights, ports, and logos. It perfectly fits for leading drifting board brands like ‘Swagway,’ ‘HoverTech,’ Leray, and so on. For knowing about all the compatible models, you can visit the Amazon link.

Game Xcel hoverboard skin is convenient and easy to install. If you want a tutorial, then many videos are available on youtube from the Game Xcel brand.


  • Premium quality and durable material
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation


  • Limited colors available

User reviews

While most customers are satisfied with the product, some have complained about it not fitting their hoverboard. You can first visit the link and check for all the compatible models before buying.

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6. Skinown Hoverboard skin

Skinown Hoverboard skin 

This product has been manufactured from durable & waterproof Vinyl. The product dimensions are 12.99 ‘ x 9.45 ‘ x 0.08’. It can protect your self-balancing board from scuffs and rashes.

It can go along with leading hoverboard brands like Razor, Hovertrax, Sogo, Leray, etc. These product makers have provided a 30-day money-back for any reason and a 90-day guarantee for quality-related issues.

It can be installed conveniently on the hoverboard without the formation of any bubbles or wrinkles.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • 30-day moneyback and 90-day quality guarantee


  • Limited colors available

User Reviews

This product has received excellent reviews from users, with most of them praising its quality. Users are happy because this product stays for long and does not peel off easily.

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7. The WheelElite Silicone Skin

The WheelElite Silicone Skin

One of the most popular covers on our list, WheelElite, found that 3D designs were the right way to go with hoverboards. This Silicone Skin Cover stands against water, scratches, and anything else between. All the while, its shiny design is eye-catching and smooth enough to get anyone’s attention.

The orange color gives a hot and attractive appeal to any hoverboard it covers. The skin also gives a premium quality look that you can easily afford without spending too much money. This versatile hoverboard skin boasts a beautiful 3D design which gives the hoverboard greater depth.

The skin makes use of aluminum vinyl to accommodate all basic hoverboard sizes. To make matters better, keeping in mind the risks of hoverboard use and risks, the cover is fully resistant to scratches and tears.

So, if you like the color orange and wish for your hoverboard to look and feel great, then the WheelElite Silicone Skin is the ideal hoverboard case for you.

  • The color is really bold and also gives a premium look, unlike other cases.
  • The 3D design does the ideal job of giving a better finish.
  • Comes in sizes for all standard hoverboards.
  • The glossy surface can be too shiny and not ideal for many.
  • The cover is hard to fix over the hoverboard due to its stiffness.
  • Does not accommodate all hoverboard brands.

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8. T5 SWAGTRON Silicone Case

T5 SWAGTRON Silicone Case

A lot of people are attracted to or dazed by the smooth black color of a hoverboard. If you’re one of them, the subtlety and attractiveness of this smooth block skin will leave you wanting it immediately. The T5 SWAGTRON Silicone Case is great for people who prefer class and style with its premium black finish.

The color isn’t the only thing that makes things case so attractive. To give the skin more oomph, the company ensures the case is safe to use as well. It is resistant to dust, scratches, wear, and tears to give it more durability and versatility than other covers.

So, the T5 SWAGTRON Silicone Case is a great choice for the style lovers out there who want their hoverboards to pop out from the crowd.

  • The chrome surface gives any hoverboard a premium and high-quality look.
  • The skin can accommodate any basic 6.5-inch hoverboard.
  • High resistance to scratches, dirt, dust, and tears gives extra safety.
  • The simple black finish can be too basic for a lot of people.
  • The finish wears away with regular use over time.
  • Some of the designs of the hoverboard skin may not stay on properly.

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9. Silicone Sticker Skin for Hoverboards

Silicone Sticker Skin for Hoverboards

While all the other skins we’ve mentioned so far have had their differences in looks and features, they still don’t really stand out in terms of uniqueness completely. So, if you want to get a special and fun experience, then this sticker case will be a perfect choice.

Kids these days are especially into emojis and stickers, which help them stand out. This silicone cover gives them the chance to enjoy their trends. It comes in a warm yellow color that looks strong but beautiful with all the scattered emojis. It makes use of a smooth silicone design that is flexible enough to accommodate any hoverboard.

If you’re looking for warm, comfortable skin that kids would love to have, then the Silicone Sticker Skin is ideal.

  • Very simple yellow color that gives a smooth, subtle look.
  • Warm color is great for any season and makes the experience more fun.
  • A great deal of flexibility to make it easier to use.
  • The yellow color can be too bright for a lot of people.
  • The flexibility leaves the skin prone to faster damage and wear and tear.
  • The lack of features and design can make it unattractive for older kids.

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10. GameXcel Self Balancing Sticker Skin

GameXcel Self Balancing Sticker Skin

GameXcel is one of the few companies that focuses on providing high-quality hoverboard products online and offline. Their self-balancing sticker skin is made of 3M Vinyl which adds durability and versatility. The skin is printed using high-quality HP EcoSolvent Ink, a top-tier ink within the printing industry.

This hoverboard skin is brilliantly designed, making it one of the unique graphic designs out there. The Blue Fire color is captivating and electric, giving any hoverboard a much more stylish finish. It is convenient to use and flexible enough to accommodate most standard hoverboards.

For people that enjoy aesthetics and visuals, this eye-tripping skin is perfect for any hoverboard.

  • Blue Fire’s design is eye-catching and unique.
  • High-quality vinyl gives durability and versatility, and ink printing is of premium quality.
  • The skin covers many standard hoverboard sizes.
  • The color fades with the regular use of long periods of time.
  • It May not accommodate some brands.
  • The skin can get loose after being used for longer.

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In this article, I have reviewed the 10 best hoverboard skins for your kids. This list can act as a buying guide for purchasing a hoverboard or protecting it. You should check out all the variant colors and designs available for each product listed above as most of them have got a lot of colors and designs to choose from.

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