Best Hoverboards for Kids Review

8 Best Hoverboards for Kids Review[2020 Update]

Are you looking for the best hoverboards for your kids? Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters are now a trend not only for adults but also for kids. But not every hoverboard is appropriate for your kids as they are heavy, large, fast and difficult to operate. Luckily, there are some models are lighter, slower, smaller and easy to operate for children.The small wheel sizes such as 4.5-inch or 6.5-inch wheel sizes make them easier to maneuver by kids.

This article provide some best hoverboards for kids with an in-depth review of each model. You can select the right hoverboard for your kids according to features and price.

Are Hoverboards Safe For Kids

8 Best Hoverboards for Kids Review

1. Swagtron Swagboard Classic

Swagtron Swagboard Classic

The Swagtron Classic hoverboard is a special item which is available in the market. It covers the needs of every learner because it comes with a special learner’s mode which enables people to control the speed of the hoverboard as it is going on rough terrains.

The standard mode is designed for those people who are quick at learning and now want to advance to the next level of riding. For young riders, the maximum speed goes up to seven mph which is a safe option.

You will not be putting anyone at risk with this speed limit. The battery is fully protected with special layers so that if the heat of the hoverboard gets too much, the battery does not get affected at all. The black color will allow your kid to stand out from the crowd and have the most stylish board available in the market.

For people who are first-timers, this hoverboard is exactly what you need. It will fit your needs and even though the speed is a bit less, this is not a worry as it gets you to the next level. The board is smart and stylish. The pros and cons are below:


  • One of the safest hoverboards with a proper learning mode.
  • It is durable and will not break over any rough or rocky surfaces.


  • The maximum speed is too less so after some time of use people get bored from it.

2. GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard

GOTRAX ION LED Hoverfly Hoverboard

A self-balancing hoverboard that will help you to improve your stance and to understand the dynamics of a hoverboard, the Gotrax Company is well known for producing high-quality products.

This item will last you for many days because of the superior material it is made of. It comes with a dual motor fitting which makes it highly powerful. The battery lasts for a long time after it is charged properly. The hoverboard is also certified and safe for use even for children.

The board can carry up to 200 lbs so even adults who are in the learning phase can make the best use of it. There are LED lights on the front of the board and also LED lights on the wheels to make the rider saw at night and the journey as safe as is possible.

Such small features are only found in this hoverboard and they bring out the best. These things are not to be taken for granted because, in the long run, they will be vital for a safe and secure ride. It is always good to understand the small things too. There are many pros and some cons of this product which are below:


  • One of the most high-quality products available on the market right now.
  • It is highly safe and easy to learn and use.


  • Even though it says that adults can use it, they should be careful as the tires are a bit small.

3. Hoverheart Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Hoverhart Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

The Hoverhart hoverboard is especially for kids. Even the skin of the board contains cartoon designs and other funky materials which highlight the board. It catches the attention of the kids immediately and would make it tough for you to say no to this masterpiece.

The anti-fire plastic material used in its making is safe and prevents the board from getting too hot. The best feature of this board is that the rider can control the speed very easily. No matter the age, the rider just needs to lean in and out and the board automatically recognizes what needs to be done.

It also comes with excellent LED lights which make it possible to travel at night. Sometimes kids go to their friend’s house for long hours and need light protection to get back home. Hoverhart is a very popular company that has been providing products for a long time.

No matter where you live, you can always find their things and get the best possible price for the items. Their models are worth looking at and keeping for a long time because they are durable and can handle any weight applied to them. The pros and cons of this board are:


  • A very sturdy board that has the option of carrying grown people as well.
  • One of the best set of LED lights that are available in the market.


  • The performance is highly dependent on road conditions.

4. MEGAWHEELS Hoverboard


Specially designed for baby girls that want to get into sporting at a young age, the Megawheels hoverboard is not only good looking but also a very safe option for your children. This size of this hoverboard is also very easy to handle and compatible.

If ever there is a need to carry the item somewhere, you will not have to worry about the weight and you can even fit it in your bag. This is a fantastic option for children who are enthusiastic about learning. The wheels on this board are sufficient to go over rough and smooth terrains. It does not matter where you ride it as long as you can maintain your balance.

The lightweight is also a plus point when you are traveling to new places. The best part about this board is that it is cheaper than many of the options you will find in the market. This specific model is also very easy to ride. In terms of the features, it stands out and your kid will be the coolest on the block. The LED lights work perfectly at night and clear up the road in front of you. The pros and cons of this hoverboard are:


  • The new design is unique and very special.
  • The safety features enable your kids to learn quickly without getting hurt.


  • The hoverboard cannot be used by people who are a bit overweight because it is not very sturdy.

5. Hoverheart hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balance Electric Scooter 4.5″ for Kids

Hoverhart hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balance Electric Scooter 4.5 for Kids

This two-wheel self-balancing hoverboard is the best option for small children.  It can hit a maximum speed of 6 mph which is just perfect for the kids who want to learn and are young enough to control the board on their own.

The series of hoverboard comes in many different colors so that every kid can get their own without compromising. The wheels are sufficient and do not drop the balance even when they go on rough surfaces. The battery system used in this board is new and uses the latest technology.

Just after a few hours of charging, the hoverboard will go up to 6 miles very easily. The hoverboard is also certified by UL which makes it safe and the accessories that come with it are also secure for use.

The design of the board is not flashy at all and instead, uses a more subtle and simple approach. It instantly catches the attention of the audience but not to the extent that the rider gets uncomfortable while riding. This hoverboard is all about building confidence in the young people so that they may perform well. The pros and cons are:


  • It is light in weight so you can carry it around easily.
  • It comes with many extra accessories which you would have to buy separately.


  • Not suitable for children who are thirteen or older as it is not very durable.

6. HOVERZON S Series Self Balance Hoverboard Scooter

HOVERZON S Series Self Balance Hoverboard Scooter

A classic hoverboard that combines style and speed to give you the finish that you need, the horizon series has always come up with new products. Although the focus of the board is in the technical aspects, the board also looks at the external beauty. It is very important to get a board that the kids like and enjoy too. For kids, looks are an important part of the whole package. It uses electric wiring and battery which means that you have to be a bit careful when you are charging it.

If there is an electricity issue then you need to turn the hoverboard off every time the electricity goes. These small precautions are very beneficial in the long term and will save you from damage. It is UL certified which means that no matter how fast you go, the board will not heat up and the external surface always keep cool. For kids, this is a necessary factor and can change your mind completely. It is a fully loaded hoverboard that also gives you two riding modes which either means the learning mode or the standard mode.  The pros and cons of the board are below:


  • One of the safest options for kids who are learning to ride.
  • The smart battery system is durable and long-lasting and will be worth the money.


  • It is a bit sophisticated than the other items available in the market at the given price range.

7. VEEKO Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker

VEEKO Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker

The Veeko hoverboard is an all-new item in the market that is cool and stylish. It is one option that the kids everywhere love because it does not only make them feel special but also gives them more power over the board. They can fully control how they like and the board will follow their command. This board is also suitable for teens who already know how to ride. The main idea behind the design is to help children and younger people to get comfortable with hoverboards.

The board also comes with all safety requirements and is a UL certification. No matter where you live you can get this board. It works well on every surface and will not falter the speed when it hits the rocky surfaces. If ever there is a need to carry the board, the kids can do it as it is not heavy at all. The best feature of this hoverboard is that it has a Professional gyroscope and acceleration sensor which allows for a servo-control system. This ensures that the rider is balanced at all times. The pros and cons of the hoverboard are:


  • One of the most stylish boards in the market right now.
  • It is very easy to handle no matter how old you are and how much you know about the boards.


  • It is one of the more expensive products on the market right now.

8. Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboard

Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboards with LED Light and Carrying Case

Last but not least, the Felimoda Self Balancing hoverboard has a charm of its own. It is one of the most standardized and simple products. It has all the traditional features that you need in a hoverboard yet all the users highly appreciate it. The hoverboard is certified for safe performance and electrical charging. The package also includes the charger.

The equipment is self-balancing which makes it simpler and harmless for learners and laypersons. It is quite easy to study and uphold stability.

The excellent dual-motor helps you overcome slopes and other universal difficulties. When you are buying this hoverboard, you should be very confident because it is worth every penny. It also comes with a 1-year warranty for the motor, charger and the controller. On the other hand, the battery has a 6-month warranty. The company is also very customer friendly and will solve any queries that you may have. The pros and cons of this product are below:


  • A good option if you have younger and older children who can share the item
  • It is very easy to learn and to operate even by young kids.


  • It is a bit expensive so you would have to save up before you can invest in this product.

Common Questions About the Best Hoverboards For Kids

1. Are hoverboards safe for your kids?

Are hoverboards safe for 7/8/9/11-year-old kids? You may know that there were some incidents of hoverboards catching fire or exploding due to faulty batteries In 2015 and early 2016. You may think hoverboards are still dangerous now, but this is not true. Because the hoverboards that were involved are no longer on sale since 2016. The government has also introduced stricter rules and regulations to restrict unqualified hoverboard manufacturers.

You only need to confirm that the hoverboard is UL certified when purchasing. The safety can be guaranteed because the hoverboard battery has been re-engineered and tested for quality.

In addition, Controlling the maximum speed is the most important factor for safety. The recommended hoverboard speed for your kids is around 5 to 7 miles per hour. If the speed is too fast, the child may fall off the hoverboard or put other people in danger.

For further safety, you’d better prepare some safety gear such as a helmet and some pads. This is especially important for someone extremely young children.

2. How old do your kids have to be to ride a hoverboard?

The “official” age requirement set for hoverboards is usually 8 years old and up. Why is the recommended age is 8 years old and up? Because most children under the age of 8 good coordination, balance skills and understand the risks.

Having said that, you can try some hoverboards for your kids under 8 years. However, at least guarantee that the rider is at least 6 years old.

3. What is the weight limit for kids?

The weight limit on kids’ hoverboards may vary from a model, but most hoverboards have a weight range of 40 lbs to 220 lbs. So most hoverboards have minimum weights that are usually 40 lbs. kids under 40 pounds are not suitable for a hoverboard.

4. Can adults use these hoverboards too?

The maximum weight limit of the most hoverboard is usually 220 lbs to 260 lbs. If your weight is over the hoverboard weight limit, it may strain the battery and increase the risk. This can also reduce the scooter’s performance and damage the hoverboard. If you want to buy a hoverboard that can be used by both children and adults, pay attention to the maximum and minimum weight limits before you buy.

5. How to choose the right hoverboards wheel size for your kids?

Generally, you need to select an appropriate wheel size according to criteria. The 4.5-inch or 6.5-inch wheel size is ideal for kids, rather than certain larger wheel sizes. The 6.5-inch or 8-inch wheel size is best for teens. The larger wheel size such as a 10-inch wheel size is best for adults.


Now that you have all the information about hoverboards for kids. At first, it will be a new routine and kids will feel a bit taken aback but with the support of their parents they can learn quickly and gain confidence. You can choose any item from the ones that we have reviewed above. They are all the best for your kids and your kids will be happy to get anyone they like.

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