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7 Best Black Hoverboards in 2020 Reviews with Comparison

Are you looking for the best black hoverboards? Gone are the days when the hoverboards were considered as a luxury that only a few could afford. Now many companies have come up with extremely safe as well as affordable options for the customers.

Different companies have started offering hoverboards in great designs as well as colors. The color black is a formal, elegant, and prestigious color that represents power, authority, strength and seriousness.

However, there are so many options in the market for the customs. Without having proper information that you need, you can not buy the right product easily.

If you are someone who looks forward to buying a hoverboard which is stylish and comes in black color, the following complete guide may help you.

7 Best Black Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooter in 2020

There are many options available to you. Some of Best black hoverboards for 2020 that are quite popular amongst users are:

NameMotorMaximum speedSpecial feature
LIEAGLE HoverboardDual 300 Watt 7.5 MPH Front LED Lights
Swagboard Twist hoverboardDual 250W Hub Motors 7 MPHUL-Compliant
UNI-SUN HoverboardDual 300 Watt9 MPHLED Front lights
XPRIT 6.5" Hoverboard Dual 300 Watt Motors 7.5 MPHBUILT-IN SPEAKER
EPCTEK HoverboardDual 300 Watt9 MPHSelf-balancing technology
Felimoda Hoverboard300W brushless motor9 MPHhard vacuum tires
Beston Newest Generation HoverboardDual 250W Hub Motors10km/hourUL2272 CERTIFIED

1.    LIEAGLE Hoverboard

LIEAGLE Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board...
1,190 Reviews
LIEAGLE Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board...
  • EASY TO USE & STABLE CONTROL: The Hoverboard specially designed for the beginners & amateurs, easy to learn and maintain balance. It...
  • SAFTY GUARANTEED & PLAY IT AT EASE: Hoverboard has passed UL2272 certification. The pedal is designed to be Non-slip(anti-skid), users...
  • HOVERBOARD PATINETAS ELECTRICAS FEATURES: Electronic Based Hoverboard, Impeccable Speed Controlled by Rider, 2 LED Light Up Flash...
  • IDEARL FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS: Hoverboard suitable for the beginners, office workers, amateurs, dog and cat walkers and daytrippers, and...
  • CONFIDENT TO ORDER: Shipped from the U.S.A.LIEAGELE will Provide Service for Every Customer.Any issue just don’t hesitate to contact...

The LIEAGLE Hoverboard is extremely stylish and trendy. The looks of this hoverboard are enough to force a customer to buy this product. However, the looks of this hoverboard are not the only thing that is worth discussing.

The motor attached to this hoverboard is incredible. Being dual with the power of 300 Watt, the user can keep this hoverboard moving for many hours. The maximum speed that it offers to its users is around 7.5 MPH, which is surely quite incredible compared to the other options available. This motor also offers its riders with a very smooth ride, making the vehicle quite safe for the adults as well as the kids.

The first thing that the customers consider while buying a hoverboard is the level of control that the users have on it. With the product being designed keeping in mind the new users of hoverboards, it offers a great level of balance to the users. It allows the user to rotate it to all the angles, and this is also made possible due to the strong motor that it comes with. Alongside this, the safety level enhances automatically with the UL2272 certification, which is a benchmark of safety.

People who are fans of listening to music, Bluetooth connectivity is a feature that would force you to buy this hoverboard. The user can connect any portable device with these Bluetooth speakers, and he will be able to blast the music easily. Thus, no headphones will be required to listen to your favorite music while riding the hoverboard.


  • Extensive battery life
  • Easy to ride
  • In-built Bluetooth speakers
  • Strong motor
  • UL2272 certification


  • Expensive

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2.    Swagboard Twist hoverboard

Swagtron Swagboard T882 Lithium-Free Hoverboard with...
408 Reviews
Swagtron Swagboard T882 Lithium-Free Hoverboard with...
  • STARTUP SELF-BALANCING –This user friendly hover board allows for quick and easy mounting by automatically balancing upright when...
  • CERTIFIED STRENGTH AND RESISTANCE – The Swagboard is crafted with strong ABS polymer that fulfill UL2272 standards to protect against...
  • DOUBLE THE TORQUE – A pair of twin 250W motors creates the ultimate duo for conquering stubborn slopes and scorching the streets with...
  • POWERFUL JOYRIDE – Hop on deck to power up to 7 MPH, traverse up to 4. 8 mi on a single charge, or climb inclines up to 30˚
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS AND TEENS – The Swagboard supports riders up to 155 pounds, a great choice for riders of all skill levels.

The Swagboard Twist hoverboard is extremely safe and reliable, thanks to the self-balancing feature of its. This self-balancing feature sets its apart from others and allows the users to balance it, no matter how fast do they ride it.

Once the rider sets his foot on it, no extra push is needed. Rather, the hoverboard starts automatically and moves in a stable condition. This feature makes it a good choice for the newbies who have experience of riding a hoverboard.

With the overall dimensions of 23 x 4 x 7 in, this ride is an easy one for kids as well as adults. The paddles come at the height of 4.522, which adds to the ease of the eider. The product is also extremely durable as well as long-lasting.

This is proven from the fact that it is made of a strong frame, while the wheels are made of solid rubber. The maximum amount of height that this hoverboard can endure is 77 kgs. This makes it a safe option to opt for even for the adults.

The battery used in this hoverboard is Lithium-Free, which can be recharged. With the charge time of a mere five hours, the user can ride the hoverboard for a long time.

For ninety days, the company offers a great opportunity for the users to return the Swagboard Twist hoverboard or get it changed in the name of the warranty. Alongside this, this product is quite light in weight. Thus, the user can ride on it without any fear of not being able to handle it. This adds to the smoothness the ride offers to the users.


  • Charging time is 5 hours
  • Supports up to 70kg of weight
  • Self-balancing
  • Easy to learn
  • 3 months warranty


  • Noisy

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3.    UNI-SUN Hoverboard

UNI-SUN Hoverboard for Kids, 6.5' Self Balancing...
361 Reviews
UNI-SUN Hoverboard for Kids, 6.5" Self Balancing...
  • ▶▶Safety Certified- The certified hoverboard meets 2272 standards to ensure rider using safety.Charger included.
  • ▶▶Bluetooth Supported- Built in wireless speaker is for you to enjoy your favorite music or books without wearing headphones.
  • ▶▶More Fun & Safer- The wheels flash randomly make you the eye-catcher in crowds and the travel more fun, they are also can be...
  • ▶▶Perfect Gift - Specially designed for beginners, amateurs, office workers, fit for all, free your feet - new way for fun!
  • ▶▶Buy with Confidence- We provides professional and fast customer services. Any Problem just don’t hesitate to contact us.

UNI-SUN Hoverboard is stylishly designed and looks extremely elegant whenever a rider takes it out in the street. It is bound to attract a lot of attention from everyone. This hoverboard also has a Bluetooth connection attached to it, through which the user can connect any gadget with the speakers.

These speakers can blast the music whenever the rider feels like riding the hoverboard and there is no need to put on those annoying headphones. The user can even play the podcasts or audiobooks easily.

The hoverboard has an LED attached to them. These flash whenever the rider rides these hoverboards. It makes these rides much more fun as well as safe. From these flashlights, it gets easier for the user to see the road well. This makes it one of the Best black hoverboards for 2020.

To make the ride efficient, the company has added the feature of gyroscope foot sensors. Whenever the user sets his foot on it, this sensor is quick to sense it and works on the angle immediately. Along with this, the self-balancing feature of this hoverboard also provides a safe ride to the user.


  • Comes with a Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth versions
  • Eye-catching design
  • Self-balancing feature
  • Built-in the wireless speaker
  • certified 2272 standards


  • Customer service is a bit weak

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4.    XPRIT 6.5″ Hoverboard

XPRIT 6.5' Hoverboard Self-Balance Two Wheel w/Built-in...
291 Reviews
XPRIT 6.5" Hoverboard Self-Balance Two Wheel w/Built-in...
  • LONGEVITY AND SPEED - Reach an outstanding speed of up to 7.5mph with 45-75 minutes of fun per charge. You can reach a total distance...
  • PERFORMANCE - Equipped with a 36v/2.0Ah Li-ion rechargeable high quality battery. Fully charge your hoverboard in 2-3hrs.The Dual 300...
  • SAFETY FEATURES - Auto balance Flat Board design is ideal for beginners and children of all ages. It allows for an easier rider...
  • BUILT IN SPEAKER - Jam to your favorite tunes from your mobile device. The speaker has an excellent crisp and clear sound. Control the...
  • COLORFUL LED LIGHTS - The hoverboard features vibrant led lights on wheels and a front led light bar that shines your path.

The XPRIT 6.5″ Hoverboard has vibrant LED lights, which make it a much sought after product amongst the customers. These LED lights come with two advantages. They make the way clear and add to the beauty of the hoverboard.

Another amazing feature for which this product is considered as a reliable option is its auto-balance design. The board is flat and allows the kids to stay safe while riding it. Along with this, the product is UL 2272 certified. All the parents who are always petrified of buying a hoverboard for their kids can opt for this product being extremely safe and innocuous.

The battery used by the company in these hoverboards is the 36v/2.0Ah Li-ion. It can be charged fully within three hours. Once fully charged, they end up working constantly and travel almost six miles to the maximum. No matter what is the weight of the rider, the hoverboard can move to great speed. To the maximum, this hoverboard can endure up to 160 lbs.

The hoverboard has built-in speakers, which can be connected to any portable gadget. This connection leads to the music blasting out on the maximum level, allowing the user to listen to the music without having to use the might headphones.


  • Colorful LED lights
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • rechargeable battery
  • can endure weight up to up to 160lbs
  • UL 2272 certified


  • Expensive

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5.    EPCTEK Hoverboard

EPCTEK Hoverboard for Kids with Bluetooth Speaker, 6.5'...
237 Reviews
EPCTEK Hoverboard for Kids with Bluetooth Speaker, 6.5"...
  • ▶▶SAFETY CERTIFIED: Hoverboard electrical, battery and charger system tested & certified to UL 2272 safety standards - safe and...
  • ▶▶LED FEATURE & BLUETOOTH MUSIC: The LED lights will make you safe in dark place, you can connect electronic device to play your...
  • ▶▶PERFORMANCE: 6.5" high quality rubber tires, non-slip footpads allow you to keep stability and traction. Easy to maintain...
  • ▶▶FUN FOR ALL RIDERS: Self balancing technology of the hover board makes it easier and safer for beginners and amateurs.
  • ▶▶BEST GIFT: With its basic delight feature design, it becomes a super funny toys or gifts for kids! 3 Months warranty. Any problem...

EPCTEK Hoverboard is a ride especially designed for kids. All the parents who are eternally worried about the hoverboards being unsafe for their kids can go for this one with their eyes closed. Though this hover comes in varied colors, the black one is the most luxurious and elegant in its looks.

It offers the users a unique design, and the LED lights attached to it further add to its beauty. These LED lights also add to the safety of the rider by making the path visible for them. No matter how dark the place be, the lights attached with the wheels illuminate it.

Another factor adding to the productivity of this hover is the Bluetooth built-in in it. The fun factor enhances manifold, provided the LED lights blink in coordination with the music being played by the user. To add to the safety of the product, the tires are made with rubber of great quality.

Furthermore, the footpads are non-slippery. This means that even if the new user is unable to keep his feet stable on the pad, he won’t slip down. The charging time for this hoverboard is just five hours. This means that it is possible for the user to even save a lot of electricity by getting the hover charged within just five hours.


  • Self-balancing technology
  • Good quality rubber tire
  • UL 2272 safety standards
  • Three Months warranty.
  • Smooth ride
  • Offers great safety and security


  • Calibration is a bit tricky

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6.    Felimoda Hoverboard

Felimoda Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Flash Wheel 6.5...
808 Reviews
Felimoda Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Flash Wheel 6.5...
  • (NO BLUETOOTH)POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: Enjoy this hoverboard speeds up to 9 MPH with the powerful 300W brushless motors. Travels range up...
  • SMART DESIGN: 6.5 inch hard vacuum tires hoverboard with LED Lights. Charger included and come with a hover board Carrying Bag.
  • SAFETY DRIVING: The UL2272, CE, RoHS, FCC Certified hoverboard has strict passed electrical and safety test. High grade anti-fire...
  • FREESTYLE RIDING: This hoverboard provides 360 degree rotation and a great climbing gradient that would access riders to coolest...
  • Technical support will make your purchase absolutely risk-free.

People who are a bit bulky and are always worried about it, Felimoda Hoverboard is the best choice for them. This hoverboard allows the user of a bulky body to stand on the hoverboard quite easily.

At the same time, it doesn’t slow down the speed of the hover. The maximum speed at which the hoverboard can go is 9MPH. this is regardless of the weight of the user. Along with this, the experience turns out to be extremely safe and harmless. This is owing to the ability of this hover to rotate 360 degrees. With this ability available, the user can move to any position, as swiftly as he wants.

Felimoda Hoverboard is safety certified with UL2272 authorization. This makes the hover risk-free for even those kids who are learning to ride it for the first time. Within time, they become an expert at riding the hover. The LED lights attached to it are also a source of attraction, which works well considering they are aligned with the Bluetooth speakers. The lights blink in coordination with the music played out by the speakers.


  • Can handle the weight up to 260lbs
  • Safety certified
  • Built-in speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Smartly designed


  • Difficult to clean up

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7.    Beston Newest Generation Hoverboard

Beston Sports Hoverboard with LED Light Smart...
7 Reviews
Beston Sports Hoverboard with LED Light Smart...
  • RIDE WITH SAFETY: Comply with US UL Certified. Maximum Load: 180lbs Lithium Battery 36V, 2.0Ah
  • NONE-SLIP FOOT PAD: Our None-Slip Footpad is thicker and more durable. It will give you better stability and traction experience while...
  • LED HEADLIGHT: High intensity headlights make travel safer and more fun.
  • BUILT IN SPEAKER: A wireless speaker is the coolest one with extraordinary sound effect.
  • New colors with outstanding looks. Excellent production levelIs designed for maximum performance and durability to ensure that you are...

The Beston Newest Generation Hoverboard is an electric hover, which offers the most exciting features to the users. It has recently been launched and its specifications are phenomenal.

One thing that sets this hoverboard apart from others is the Lithium Battery 36V. This battery is efficient enough to make this product work at the highest level of competence. The power of this battery is 2.0Ah, adding to the overall working of the hover. Alongside this, the footpad of this product is non-slip.

Even if a new person with no prior experience of riding a hover opts for it, he is free of all kinds of dangers. The footpad is thick, making it possible for the user to keep the traction intact, no matter how fast does he ride it.

The LED headlights offered by the company further add to the safety as well as reliability by the hover. These LED lights brighten up the path, making it possible for the user to see the track. At the same time, the speakers are built-in, which work well in coordination with the LED lights.

This hoverboard is an extremely durable option. If you are looking forward to buying a product that stays with you for a long time, this is what you need to opt for.


  • Can carry load up to 180lbs
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Electric Drive
  • High Quality
  • Charging time is just 3-5 hours


  • Shakes initially

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Buying a hoverboard is easier said than done. This is because they are expensive, and one needs to be sure about the specifications before choosing the right one. The Best black hoverboards for 2020 reviews will surely give you a good knowledge of all the features that your selected article must-have. Your perfect hover should be black, have LED lights, speed up to the maximum and support your weight easily.

Here you can find best hoverboards in other colors, including Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Gold, Red and White.

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