Easy Hoverboard Tricks

13 Hoverboard Tricks for Every Rider (Easy & Advanced)

If you want to step up your hoverboard game, you’ve clicked the right article! This article will share the 13 best hoverboard tricks(easy and advanced) for every rider. These tricks don’t require special skills or knowledge but take practice and patience to master them.

If you’re new to hoverboard tricks, you might fall, so it’s essential to protect yourself. These hoverboard tricks should be done on a completely smooth flat surface, especially when first learning. I suggest you gather a small audience to watch you doing these tricks for safety. Further, wear safety gear such as knee and elbow pads and a helmet when doing these tricks.

Top 10 Easy Hoverboard Tricks For Beginners

These tricks are relatively simple and suitable for beginners and children. Besides, they are all fun to do, so let’s take a closer look and learn something new today!

1. Bounceback

This is a challenging hoverboard trick because it requires the rider to shift their weight quickly while keeping their balance.

In this movement, you go from riding forward to backward super quickly, providing the look of bouncing backward. To do this trick successfully, you must keep your knees bent and your weight centered on your unit.

Don’t start fast! Go slow to know what to expect and work your way up, performing the trick at full speed for the best results.

2. 180-degree turn

A turn is one of the best tricks you can perform on your hoverboard. Dancers have mastered the art of making a turn while in the future and backward.

It’s easy and exciting, especially for beginners. If you’re a beginner, try learning to turn your hoverboard from a stationary position. Move your weight into one foot pressing forward with that foot while your other goes slightly backward. This will initiate the 180-degree turn.

In this hoverboard trick, you will begin facing the front. Then, you will turn yourself around halfway to face the back. It’s pretty simple!

3. 360-degree turn

If you have tried the 180-degree hoverboard turn and don’t find it exciting anymore, you can take it up a notch and make a 360-degree turn.

Use the same moves as the previous trick; only this time, you will turn yourself all the way to begin and finish facing in the same direction.

Once you learn to turn on your hoverboard and feel confident, you can step up your hoverboard game by getting a running head start.

Just pick a long, flat street and start going in a forward direction. Then, without stopping, move your weight to perform a hoverboard turn.

4. Lean back turn

Once you master the 180-degree and 360-degree turns, you can add a hip-hop touch to your 360-degree turn by leaning back. Leaning back increases your spin speed and makes it easier to get more than a single rotation on your hoverboard.

To complete this hoverboard successfully, stand on it and start making your turn just like you would in a 360-degree hoverboard turn. However, adding a bend to the leg inside the turn while doing that. Then, press the leg to the outside straight, so you’re leaning into the spin.

In simpler words, the leg that correlates to the foot in the future and performing the movement should have a bend, while the leg with the foot going backward stays straight.

Once you start going, don’t fret if you lose balance. You will master the movement and speed up as you go. I find it very helpful to focus on the toe of your inside foot to maintain balance and keep from getting dizzy while doing this hoverboard trick.

5. Swivel

The weaving movement greatly compliments dance choreographies because it looks fantastic. You can do a swivel in the future or backward.

Move your weight from side to side in a number eight motion fast. It will feel like your hoverboard is getting ready to turn, but you will move your weight again before it does.

Most newbies and experienced riders perform this hoverboard trick with music in the background so the beat reminds them to shift from side to side.

6. The genie

You can perform the genie trick if you want to impress your friends and family. It mimics Aladdin’s riding on his magic carpet. Therefore, it’s pretty easy and self-explanatory.

You can perform this trick in a large room, backyard, or some other large space without breakable things nearby. Then, pop your shins on the footpads while keeping your feet flat on the floor behind you.

Using your feet and shins as anchors, you can exercise to balance on your knees until you feel confident enough to lift your feet off the floor and ride around freely. You will appear like you’re floating.

7. The butterfly

Sit on one end of your unit with your feet counterbalancing the other footpad. Your knees should be facing up and bent. Riders who have already mastered this trick suggest that you should spread your legs wide open like butterfly wings in a relaxed and loose position. 

To move right, push down on your footpad with your heels, and lean forwards and backward. Once you catch a rhythm, you will move back and forth quite quickly. Once you’re done, put your hands behind you and lift yourself off the board to prevent speeding off or spinning.

8. On your stomach

This is another exciting hoverboard trick you can efficiently perform: laying your hoverboard on your belly and going around—or riding forward or backward. It’s a straightforward indoor trick that should be performed on a smooth surface like wood or tile. Just keep your knees up!

9. Spinning monk

First, cross your legs. Then, ensure the back of your thighs is on the hoverboard and hold your hands up at chest level and ride in a monk position with your thumb and forefinger touching in a circle.

10. Nude

Last but certainly not less exciting than the rest of the easy hoverboard tricks above is riding your device naked. However, please perform this “trick” indoors only! Otherwise, you might be arrested.

Advanced Hoverboard Tricks

3 Best Advanced Hoverboard Tricks

If you’ve already mastered the easy hoverboard tricks above, it’s time for something more advanced and challenging such as the following advanced hoverboard tricks.

1. the Same side turn

To safely utilize your hoverboard, you should always keep your feet on either side.

However, this rule doesn’t apply when doing tricks, so you can make the same side turn that will impress your audience. You can turn with both of your feet on the same side. This trick requires forward and spinning movement before placing your feet on one side.

Note that this trick requires a lot of balance, but it’s worth the effort because it looks fantastic.

2. Handstand

If you’ve already done a handstand on solid ground and are confident about your skills, you can add a handstand twist to your hoverboard tricks.

Acrobats, gymnasts, and other people who do yoga have already tried this trick. However, remember that it’s dangerous if you’re a beginner, so practice beforehand.

 You will need to hold a handstand and walk a little on your hands to get in the proper position on your device. What’s your opinion? Would you try this trick?

Even if you’re a professional at handstands, I highly recommend performing this trick with a friend nearby for safety and moral support.

3. The sitting spin

If standing on your hoverboard is too much, you can try the sitting spin instead. Just sit on it and take it for a spin. It’s a very simple but also fun trick!

Keep in mind that although it’s a sitting spin, it’s still a bit challenging because it requires you to become comfortable on your hoverboard, which can be difficult for taller, broader, or bigger riders.

Ensure your bottom is placed on the sensor plates, thick your feet sideways, or plant on the wheel protector. Lastly, tilt yourself sideways.


Do you have a favorite trick already? Please, don’t forget to wear protective gear when performing any of these tricks. Share your hoverboard tricks and favorites in the comments below!