How to Calibrate a Hoverboard

How to Calibrate a Hoverboard Step By Step

A hoverboard is also known as a balancing scooter. It has a lot of components such as a gyroscope, microprocessor, battery, motor, infrared sensors, and other components. All the hoverboard parts need to work together to balance the rider. The gyroscope is an essential device to keep the hoverboard balanced.

When the rider tilts in whichever direction, the gyroscope sends signals to the logic board in the order it should take. The motor then receives the data from the logic board. This helps the rider to keep balance and upright throughout the ride.

Calibrating the gyroscope is essential since it sends the data to all the other components of the hoverboard. If the gyroscope is not calibrated correctly, the hovering board will not work correctly. This article will discuss how to calibrate a hoverboard step by step in detail.

When do you need to calibrate your hoverboard?

When you are riding your hoverboard, you need to do movements for the hoverboard to move. If your hoverboard is not responding to these movements, you need to calibrate your hoverboard.

When you mount your hoverboard and notice that it is shaking or shuddering, it is another scenario where you need to calibrate your hoverboard.

There are also instances when the hoverboard is not balanced, and it could be pulling you in one direction or keeps on flashing red lights. Do not be alarmed; it is not damaged; you need to calibrate it.

However, after calibrating, the hoverboard is still not working; you might need to have some parts of your board replaced. In most cases, calibrating your hoverboard would resolve the issue.

Calibrating the hoverboard is the same as resetting the device. It may sound complex, but it is not. In most cases, calibrating the hoverboard is almost identical regardless of the brand. You can double-check with the manual to be sure.

Some hoverboards are designed to beep and flashlights depending on their issue. Continuously beeping and becoming unresponsive, calibrating it is one of the ways to fix it. You can check its manual to get complete instructions on fixing these specific issues.

When do you need to calibrate your hoverboard

How to calibrate a hoverboard?

The majority of the hoverboards have the same way of calibrating them. You are free to check the manual or instructions. Below are the steps on how to calibrate the hoverboard.

Step #1. Make sure that the device is turned off.

Do not turn off the hoverboard from the remote. Turn off the power button of the device. When you turn the device off with a remote, you are not turning it off; you are simply powering it down.

Step #2. Find an area that is smooth and has a level surface

Finding the right place to calibrate the hoverboard is essential. Doing it on a plane, level floor, or surface is always advised. If you are working on a surface that is not leveled, the calibrating process might not be successful.

Step #3. Push the button for 5 seconds until it beeps

Step#4. The light of the board will flash and wait for 30 seconds

This is the time when the calibrating process is happening. So wait until the process is completed. Do not do anything to the hoverboard until the process is completed.

Step#5. Press the power button and turn the device off

You must turn the device off when the calibration process is completed.

Step#6. Power up the power button and test your hoverboard

Turn the power button on then you have to test if your hoverboard is now working or not. Hop on your hoverboard and see if it responds to your movement and if it responds accordingly. Make sure you are not going too fast just after calibrating it. You have to try using it with its different movements.

Some hoverboards will not work the first time. That is normal. You have to try doing it three times until it works. It is worth noting that some hoverboards need to be calibrated multiple times before it works.

How to calibrate a hoverboard using a smartphone

How to calibrate a hoverboard using a smartphone?

This could only be done if the hoverboard comes with Bluetooth. You can download the app to your mobile device so you can do the calibrating through Bluetooth when you need it.

Step #1. Connect the hoverboard to the mobile device via Bluetooth

Step #2. Make sure that the hoverboard is on a leveled surface

Step #3. Select the “calibrate the unit” option in the app

Step #4. A set of instructions or guidelines will pop up

Step #5. When complete, turn off the device

Step #6. Please turn on your device and test it

Make sure to follow all instructions accordingly. Not being able to follow instructions may hinder the calibrating process. If you do not follow the instructions or guidelines, the worst thing that could happen to your hoverboard is the chip getting fried, resulting in a more severe problem.


The above instructions are always helpful when calibrating a hoverboard. This may not be the case for some. If all the attempt to troubleshoot the hoverboard does not work, you might need to open the case and check if any wires are disconnected.

If it would still not work, then there are parts you might need to replace. You can get those parts from the manufacturers or hoverboard shops around town.

If you are not confident in calibrating or fixing your hoverboard, you can always consult a professional regarding the matter.

While it always seems easy to calibrate the hoverboard, there would always be those who are not confident in fixing it on their own when the need arises. When this happens, you can look for those who extend their service to fixing hoverboards.

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