How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last? (2020 Update)

How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last? One of your primary concerns when buying a hoverboard should be its battery life. If you ride your hoverboard frequently, you must have struggled with charge running out suddenly, leaving you frustrated. Sine hoverboards rely on their batteries to function, it is important that you remember to charge it as often as possible.

Different hoverboards have different battery lives. You should check out the battery life of a model before making the purchase. Once the hoverboard is in your possession, the onus will be on you to maintain it as well as possible. Regular care will prevent the hoverboard’s battery life from degrading over time.

What is The Average Battery Life Of a Hoverboard?

That’s what you would be asking yourself when you are buying a new hoverboard. Honestly, you need one that stays out longer – and that’s why it is important to make the right choice.

Brands often experiment with the battery lives of hoverboards, which is why you should never expect two models even from the same brand to perform exactly the same. There are some hoverboards that can only retain charge for about an hour, while others can last up to 3 to 4 hours without giving you an alert.

An average hoverboard battery will yield between 8 miles and 20 miles when used carefully. No hoverboard will be able to provide you with more than six hours of run time after it is fully charged.

When estimating how long the hoverboard battery can last, you will have to take into account the specifications and your preferred speed. You should also buy a spare battery if you are sure that you will be travelling a lot. If you are not a fan of interruptions, having an extra pack will prove to be beneficial.

Most hoverboards on the market come with battery light indicators so that you can charge the machine ahead of time.

Factors That Can Affect The Battery Life Of a Hoverboard

Aside from the capacity of the battery, there are a number of external factors that determine how long the hoverboard will retain its charge.

  1. The rider’s weight

Most hoverboards can handle a fixed weight range. You should not exceed the range if you can help it because the hoverboard will have to work extra hard otherwise to accommodate the extra pressure, and that can lead to battery drain. Try never to overload the hoverboard so that the batteries do not have to change up their output.

  1. Terrain

Since hoverboards are self-balancing, their performance is heavily dependent on the surface that they are traveling on. If you frequently travel on rough, rugged, or steep surfaces, you will have a lower battery life than other users. Some hoverboards are designed to cut down on their performance once the battery level drops below a certain limit.

Enabling the power saving mode will change the performance no matter where you are. Carpets are also very demanding and can drain a hoverboard quickly. If you notice that your hoverboard has low battery, it is best that you stop using it immediately and charge it.

  1. Weather conditions

Since you will be riding your hoverboard outdoors, it is only natural that the weather conditions will affect the performance of the machine. Winter can have adverse effects on the hoverboard, and it will not be able to deliver as per its usual potential.

If you find that the battery performance is weaker, do not assume that it is because of low charge. The battery might simply need to heat up and attain a normal temperature. Very hot weather can also be detrimental to the battery life of a hoverboard.

When you recharge the battery of a hoverboard, ensure that is has a regular temperature. If you charge the battery when it is too hot or cold, there is a chance that you might damage the machine. If you live somewhere with poor weather conditions, you have to be extra cautious about your hoverboard.

  1. Speed

The speed at which you ride the hoverboard can also affect the battery life of the machine. If you ride at high speeds all the time, you will find that your hoverboard has a lower battery life than those who rise at a slower speed.

  1. Maintenance

It is no surprise that handling your hoverboard in a rough manner and not taking care of it will lead to the battery life degrading at a faster rate.

Keep an eye on the battery performance and feel free to track it!

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  1. Hoverboard hover on battery. It is very important to take care of battery and as you say to take spare battery while travelling long. Charging it on time and maintenance is a key requirement to prolong the battery life. Otherwise it would damage the whole hoverboard.
    Very informative article and worth reading for hover lovers.

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