Best Gold Hoverboards in 2019 Reviews

8 Best Gold Hoverboards in 2020 Reviews with Comparison

Looking for the best gold hoverboards in 2019? Why gold color? Because this color can give you a classy luxurious look. As owning a golden iPhone, riding on a rose gold hoverboard will stand you out.

However, for average consumers, finding the best gold hoverboard is not an easy task. There are a lot of models in the market as well which is why we have listed down 8 best and most recent gold hoverboards on the market.

Best Gold Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooter in 2020

1. Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Flash Wheel 6.5″ Wireless Speaker with LED Light

Hoverboard UL 2272 Certified Flash Wheel 6.5 Wireless Speaker with LED Light

If you want something heavy-duty for yourself or for your child, this is the one for you. This gold hoverboard includes an anti-fire plastic construction with a chrome coating. This chrome coating gives it stability and durability along with chic aesthetics. The hoverboard is electronic and comes with rechargeable batteries that have 36V / 4A capacity.

The hoverboard can endure 220 pounds easily. With the batteries fully charged, the hoverboard can provide a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour and can cover a distance of 10 miles. However, if the weight on the hoverboard is less, the distance that the hoverboard will cover is more.

The user can control the speed of the hoverboard. Moreover, it comes with beautiful LEDs on the front of the hoverboard and along with the tires as well.

It also has an in-built Bluetooth speaker, that features auto connection. The batteries take 2 to 3 hours to charge and require 240V power. The best part of this hoverboard is that it is safety and stability certified by the UL. Which makes it safe for use for children and adults alike. The specifications this hoverboard features are perfect for the reasonable price it offers.


  • The batteries are fast charging and long-lasting.
  • It comes with anti-fire materials and chrome coating.
  • The range of colors available is vast.
  • It is UL certified for safety and stability.


  • They don’t have a return or refund policy.

2. CHO 6.5”-inch Wheels Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

CHO 6.5”-inch Wheels Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

This gold hoverboard is popular for its electrical performance and charging. It has been acknowledged by the UL and is also safety certified. There is no chance of short-circuiting or fire in this smart hoverboard. This hoverboard uses self-balancing technology, which significantly reduces the risk of injuries and falls.

The hoverboard helps the user balance without having to actually master the art of balancing. Slowly and gradually, this also helps the user to understand the basic balancing technique. This feature makes it ideal for children. The hoverboard has its own top of the line Bluetooth speaker that has no connectivity issues and can easily connect to all other wireless devices.

With the installed Bluetooth speaker, you can also give your hoverboard amazing sound effects as you ride it. The wheels and body of the hoverboard come with LED lights of different colors. You can program these LED lights with different light effects. The lights start flashing after some time of being static. With 3 to 5 hours of charging time, it can cover a maximum distance of approximately 8 miles at a speed of 6 miles per hour.


  • It has high-end features available at a reasonable price.
  • The self-balancing technology has made riding it easier.
  • Flashing lights not only make it recognizable and cool but can also act as signals during the night.
  • It is compact and lightweight.


  • The charging is slow and time-consuming.

3. WorryFree Gadgets Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter

WorryFree Gadgets Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter

This gold hoverboard is an all in one package. First things first, it has passed all the safety tests conducted by UL with flying colors which is why it is UL certified for safety and stability. It only has four metallic colors and the price changes with each color depending on the type of material used for chrome coating. It features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, that has great sound quality.

Auto-connection is also enabled in the Bluetooth speaker which means a previously connected device will connect automatically to the speaker as soon as it is turned on. The LED lights installed in the hoverboard on the front, sides and along the tires have 3 sets that you can choose from.

The wheels of the hoverboard are self-balancing and also have light-up abilities. Which means, as soon as the hoverboard starts moving forward the lights on the wheels start flashing.

The best part about this hoverboard is it carrying handle which makes traveling and moving with it easier and convenient. There are no other hoverboards that feature a carrying handle. It has US-based customer support and also comes with 1 year of manufacturing warranty. Many hoverboards don’t come with a warranty.


  • It has an easy to carry handle that makes traveling.
  • LEDs installed have 3 different sets of lights that you can choose from.
  • It comes with 1-year of manufacturer warranty.
  • The customer support is very good and helping.


  • The battery is not long-lasting.

4. Hoverheart Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Hoverheart Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

This hoverboard specifically uses anti-fire material to prevent any kind of fires even if there is the slightest chance of it. The materials used during the construction are chrome and skin coating for increased safety.

The hoverboard is capable of supporting 180 pounds of weight at a time. However, the lower the weight, the higher is the battery time. The batteries used in this hoverboard are 36 volts batteries that can take a 180 pounds person, at 10 miles per hour and cover a distance of 6 to 8 miles before running out.

Apart from these features, the hoverboard has LED light wheels that light up when you turn on the hoverboard. It also has other LEDs at the front which the user can turn on if he wants. It also includes a Bluetooth speaker that turns on with the hoverboard and the speaker also has an automatic connect feature as well. The hoverboard is certified by UL and is completely safe for use. It also has no age limit and can be used by kids and adults alike.


  • It comes in a range of appealing metallic colors.
  • The materials used are fire resistant which increases safety.
  • It includes LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker which makes the overall experience more pleasant.
  • The safety and stability of this hoverboard are certified by UL.


  • There is a slightly unpleasant odor that comes from the hoverboard.

5. V-Fire Ninja Electric Self-Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth


2018 V-Fire 6.5’’ Electric Self-Balancing Two Wheel Scooter

This completely safe and stable hoverboard is certified by UL after rigorous testing and checking. No defects or faults were seen in its wiring and batteries. This gold hoverboard is specifically made for outdoor activities. Its wheels and body are made to endure the dust and roughness of a road.

Which proves that it is heavy duty and durable hoverboard. Its battery is rechargeable and is also eco-friendly. After discarding, it will not contribute to pollution. It has beautiful color options to choose from and also has an in-built Bluetooth speaker that is compatible with all the apple products as well as Android phones.

The total charging time of this hoverboard is 2 to 3 hours which is considered average in terms of fast or slow charging. The age recommendation for this hoverboard is 13 and above as kids younger than 13 are at a greater risk of hurting themselves.

However, you can separately invest in the V-Fire hoover Kart that can be attached to the hoverboard for stability and support. This way children younger than 13 can use it without the danger of hurting themselves. It can take up to 165 pounds of weight at a time and can go up to 8. Miles per hour while riding.



  • It has a very strong and heavy-duty motor.
  • The device has multi-colored flashing LEDs.
  • It has an option of hover kart attachment which improves the stability and provides support to the user.
  • It can be used for off-roading as well.


  • The colors of the hoverboards are different from what shows in the picture.

6. Hoverheart Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Wireless Speaker

Hoverheart Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter with Wireless Speaker

Hoverheart is a well known and renowned company in the world of hoverboards. All its products are certified from UL and this hoverboard is no less. It is completely safe and stable. Its electric connections are on point and so are its batteries. The material used for its construction is plastic that is treated for fire resistance.

Once the hoverboard is constructed with anti-fire plastic, it is coated with chrome to increase its durability and stability. This also adds to the aesthetic beauty of the hoverboard. It comes with self-balancing technology that prevents injuries and also helps the user to learn to balance on their own.

It is a very sturdy and durable hoverboard. The batteries are rechargeable like all other hoverboard batteries. They are 36V / 4A batteries that take at least 3 hours to charge.

Moreover, once fully charged these batteries can take help the user travel 8 to 10 miles on one charge. The distance and speed also depend on the weight of the user as well as the type of terrain you are riding on. The maximum speed that can be achieved using this hoverboard is 10 miles per hour. It also has an in-built Bluetooth speaker.


  • It has a durable and sturdy structure that is not easily breakable.
  • The batteries are long-lasting.
  • It can endure 220 pounds of weight which is a lot as compared to many other hoverboards.
  • It comes in a wide range of beautiful colors.


  • They don’t have a return and refund policy.

7.Bowen 2018 hoverboard all-terrain road condition

Bowen 2018 hoverboard all-terrain road condition

If you want a hoverboard that is compatible with adults and can easily fulfill the requirements like off-road all-terrain riding, then this gold hoverboard is your best option. It has a streamlined design with ergonomic features that make off-roading easier.

With its self-balancing technology, during all-terrain riding, you will have a better and more stable grip of the hoverboard. The design minimizes the air resistance which improves the battery time and the speed of the hoverboard. Moreover, it has a modern design that gives it a chic dandy look.

Since this hoverboard is specifically for all-terrain riding, all the materials are extremely durable and sturdy. These materials are not easy to break during the all-terrain riding. It has huge tires that are not only bigger in diameter but also have a wider surface area.

This gives them a better grip on the surface to perform better drifting. With this kind of riding, the batteries and the speed need to be on point or the experience can be ruined. For more power, this hoverboard has 350 watts motor and a lithium-ion battery that provides the perfect run time.


  • It has an ergonomic and economic design.
  • The materials used are very high-quality, sturdy and durable.
  • The tires have a good grip and prevent slipping.
  • Includes heavy-duty motor and batteries.


  • The maximum weight that it can hold is 180 pounds which are less based on the fact that it is for adults.

8. V-Fire Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

V-Fire Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

This self-balancing gold hoverboard by V-Fire is one of the best on the market. Most of its features are unmatched on the market. It has self-balancing technology and uses lithium-ion batteries that charge extremely quickly. The hoverboard includes a UL certification for safety and stability.

It can go as fast as 8. Mile per hour but the speed also depends on the type of terrain you are riding as well as the weight of the person riding the hoverboard. It is designed to eliminate the risk of falling and injuries.

This hoverboard was not constructed haphazardly, rather it was constructed by taking constant feedback from the customers so that the best version of the hoverboard can be created.

With is self-balancing technology and a heavy-duty motor, it is completely safe to ride and have fun on. You can ride it on the road, go to school on it or even ride it for fun. It will never cease to give its best results.

It has Bluetooth speaker available as well so, it can connect easily to all computers and phones. The maximum weight it can endure is 165 pounds.


  • The tires include a durable and sturdy material and don’t wear out easily.
  • It has been constructed carefully with the best features.
  • It is extremely easy to ride.
  • The sound quality of the speaker is good.


  • It does not hold a charge for a long time.


Hoverboards are the new skateboards that everyone wants nowadays but safety comes first. All the gold hoverboards mentioned in this article are UL approved and certified. This certification is done after rigorous testing and checking, hence, if you decide to buy any one of these hoverboards, you will not regret it. However, the technology is still innovating and the hoverboards have a long way to go before they reach a level of sophistication that will give us the best features in all departments.

Here you can find best hoverboards in other colors, including Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, White, Red and Black.

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