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Lamborghini Hoverboard vs a Regular Hoverboard

The Lamborghini Hoverboard is a trendy self-balancing scooter. The factor that sets Lamborghini Hoverboard apart from its competitors is its particularly unique build and ergonomic design of the body.

It offers a larger platform and responsive motors, giving you a stable riding position. The Lamborghini hoverboard also provides a Bluetooth speaker and a phone App to access your hoverboard’s settings. You can easily change the speaker’s volume and the name of your hoverboard.

In addition to its incomparable customer support department, Lamborghini was the first to receive UL2272 Certification with its UL Certified battery packs and equipment, deeming it safe for public use and consumption. Moreover, it follows a complete compliance policy and adheres to government rules and regulations.

Is Lamborghini Hoverboard Made by Lamborghini?

Contrary to popular belief, the manufacturer of this board is not an Italian car mogul. Lamborghini, like a car-producing company, is only associated with being a tractor company.

Thereby gaining a competitive advantage over BMW by producing cars that grant its consumers an affluent social status. Indeed, to this date, the company has never manufactured hoverboards of any sort but let us see what the future holds in store.

The mystery behind the confusion is easily explainable. The exterior structure and traveling speed at which this board operates are analogous to Car Tycoons.

Just like cars, hoverboards also travel at an astonishing velocity. Additionally, the physical appearance is an angular design that sparks a strong comparative association with the glamorous Italian sports cars Lamborghini provides.

lamborghini hoverboard reviews

Lamborghini Hoverboard vs. a Regular Hoverboard

There are significant differences between your regular, mainstream hoverboards and the Lamborghini.

Firstly, the average Joe hoverboard will have wheels beginning at 6.5 inches, whereas the Lamborghini Hoverboard reviews possess 8-inch wheels. These add to the adrenaline-pumping experience by providing high traction and stopping power, even in snowy or rough conditions.

Furthermore, it can effortlessly conquer roads, grass, uneven surfaces, or pavements of any sort with its high rider stability. The larger the wheels, the more suitable the board is for outdoor use. On the other hand, smaller wheels are a better fit for indoor activities.

Secondly, it is still ahead of the weight-carrying game as it can accommodate weights of up to 120kg/265lb, while standard hoverboards still lag with 85-110kg weight limitations. Only a few regular ones have recently begun shelling out for 120kg weight margins.

Thirdly, although some regular hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers, Lamborghini was the pioneer in connecting to cellular devices.

Fourthly, Lamborghini has additional LED Lights on the cover of the two wheels and the entire deck. These multicolored lights can even be functional at night time.

The fifth and most essential feature is its battery life. Whereas up to 95% of basic hoverboards have been reported to have low-quality or faulty batteries, Lamborghini’s UL Certified battery pack has a pre-existing installation of overcharge protection.

Moreover, one can charge it safely over two thousand times since it was built with Samsung’s original powerful batteries. Therefore, it has a high charge and functioning time with zero explosion risks.

Lastly, the speed comparison is a significant part to highlight. Models that are 6.5” or around the same only travel at eight mph/12.8kph, but Lamborghinis move at ten mph/16kph.

Best Lamborghini Hoverboard Reviews

1. Skque 8″ Lamborghini Hoverboard

lamborghini hoverboard reviews

The Skque hoverboard is one of the best Lamborghini Hoverboards. It features a beautiful design and 6.5 Inch, 8 Inch, or 10-inch wheels. Its maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs(100 KG ) with a 44000mAh battery capacity. The Skque hoverboard has two 200w motors with a top speed of 6.2-7.4 MPH. The pretty good Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Skque hoverboard can be operated in a very narrow space. A smart balancing wheel makes the rotation, acceleration, and smooth breaking so quickly. You need to stand on it and step on it; it will carry you to almost every possible place you want to go.


  • UL2272 Certified.
  • Fire-resistant outer shell.
  • The motherboard is highly efficient at regulating voltage and preventing overheating.
  • Thick wiring prevents damage.
  • Automatically turns off when the battery is fully charged.
  • Strong Chassis.
  • Powerful Bluetooth speakers.


  • It only carries 100kg.
  • Extremely pricey at $431.62+

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2. Lamborghini Hoverboard, 8.5” Off-Road Hoverboard All Terrain

lamborghini hoverboard reviews

8.5” Off-Road Hoverboard All Terrain is the aesthetically awe-inspiring Lamborghini Hoverboard. It is one of the best-looking hoverboards on the market. Its massive double size is 33% larger than most in the industry.

The aluminum 8.5″ alloy wheels look like the tires sports car. You can also find the iconic Lamborghini bull crest on aluminum fenders. It is especially available in colors, including Orange, Black, Carbon fiber, and Yellow.

When you step on, the self-balancing mode provides balance on its own. With a speed of 9.32mph, it covers 15-degree inclines, 9.32 miles at full charge, and requires 2.5 to 3.5 hours of charging.

Moreover, it’s powered by Double 400-Watt motors, double-independent gyros, and 36V Lithium-Ion batteries and can carry people weighing 120kg. In addition, it offers a Bluetooth speaker, UL2271 certified, and led lights on the front and back.

This is a perfect Lamborghini hoverboard, especially if you love its unique design.


  • UL 2272 and UL 2271 Certified.
  • More foo- space.
  • Rigid ride platform, which allows sharp turning.
  • All-season tires provide high traction, grass durability, water resistance, and extreme stopping power.
  • Durable ABS body and chassis.
  • Bluetooth-surround sounds and LED Lights (serve as turn signals).
  • Built-in sensors automatically detect weight and adjust speed.
  • Similarly, it also mimics a Lamborghini car engine’s sound and looks.


  • Extremely heavy at 33 pounds.
  • Long charging hours compared to others.
  • Covers less incline degree
  • Short battery life.

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Lamborghini hoverboard generally has full coverage warranties, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, high traveling speeds, increased stability and durability, powerful motors, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Moreover, they have all passed the rigorous quality and safety standard tests to provide the safest, albeit pricier, gadgets in town. The Skque and 8.5-inch wheel off-road hoverboard may be ideal if you like the Lamborghini hoverboard.

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  1. Lamborghini is a popular brand. Lamborghini hoverboard is made of structure design and the speed very high. LED Lights provide on 2 Wheels. it’s can be use for nighttime. It’s an amazing Hoverboard. I Love the hoverboard.

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