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Swagtron T580 Hoverboard Review- Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

One of the best hoverboards that you can get your hands on is, without any doubt, the Swagtron T580 hoverboard review. As the name specifies, this product has a swag of its own that sets it apart from others and makes people want to get their hands on it. The shape, technology, and features that are a part of this hoverboard are surely class apart and the reason behind it being so successful.

Owing to having a design that surpasses its rivals in terms of exquisiteness and innovation, the Swagstron hoverboard is quite a popular choice. The model that is given to this hoverboard is way too attractive to skip for any other option. Not just this but the paddles of this gadget are customized! Thus, it adds to the value of the hoverboard furthermore.

The safety of their kids is what the parents are concerned about the most. With the Swagstron hoverboard T5, this anxiety is diminished because this hoverboard has improved features that make its users safe and secure. Along with this, as the paddles are big, tripping over and falling on the face becomes a far-off possibility.

The enhanced safety level has, surely, won the trust of the customers the most. The self-balancing feature also builds the parents’ confidence, and they purchase this gadget for their kids without giving it a second thought.

Key features of Swagtron T580 :

  • UL2272 CERTIFIED; proves the safety and reliability of the hoverboard.
  • Easy navigation; makes the first times ride quite easily
  • Dual motors; keeps the gadget moving for more extended periods of time
  • Sentryshield; gives a shield to the battery from being overcharged
  • Eco-friendly; doesn’t emit any kinds of harmful gasses or chemicals.
  • Intelligent tilt; makes all the turns and twists easy for the rider
  • Water-resistant; doesn’t get affected no matter how much is used in the rain


  • It comes with a warranty of one year
  • The tire size is adequate for all age groups
  • Can walk up to seven miles in a single go
  • Works with the smart battery system that doesn’t let the battery get overcharged
  • Remains charged for three to four hours
  • Made of a solid frame


  • A bit expensive
  • Not suitable for heavy people

swagtron t5 hoverboard review

Specifications of Swagstron T580:

Some specifications of this gadget are as follows:

The technology:

Before the introduction of this hoverboard, the technology of T3 and T4 were used. However, this new hoverboard comes with the T5 technology, which is far better, advanced, and modern than the old versions.

The weight:

This hoverboard is quite a lightweight one. This means that even a healthy person, who hates to go to the gym and lose weight, can also ride this hoverboard as comfortably as a smart person can. The weight of this hoverboard is a mere 18 pounds, which makes it easier to ride and more comfortable to be shipped by the company to your address. This also reduces the chances of accidents and adds to the safety level.


As this hoverboard does not omit any kinds of hazardous gasses or chemicals, this gadget is exceptionally environmentally friendly. You can use it even in the cities where, otherwise, the cars are omitting horrible and disastrous gases. Thus, traveling to your educational institution on it would be a far better and more comfortable option than to ride on a bus, which would be excreting harmful gasses along the way.

Convenient speed:

Another fantastic specification of this gadget is that it is easy to ride due to its reasonable pace. Thus, overspeeding is not a possibility, and one can, to a maximum, ride it at the speed of 7mph. Nonetheless, the weight of the rider is also something that affects the speed of the hoverboard. A heavy rider would, obviously, make the gadget move slow compared to a lightweight one.

Built-in Bluetooth:

Anyone who is a music freak who cannot stay away from it even for a second would find this hoverboard a great blessing. This gadget has the unique feature of built-in Bluetooth. Anyone riding the hoverboard can connect Bluetooth with his phone and listen to his favorite songs. Thus, the person’s location doesn’t matter, and he gets to enjoy the music and his ride simultaneously.

Features to look out for:

If you are setting up to splash out on a new hoverboard and are confused about your choice, you need to know some basic features of Swagtron Swagboard, which will make you believe that this is the best option go for.

  • The BMS feature:

An amazing feature that this hoverboard comes with is its battery management system. BASICALLY, the BMS is a technique that makes sure that your hoverboard works for a long time without interruption.

This system also ensures that the gadget gets the right amount of power and voltage to keep up with the working requirements. This means that with the help of this technology, the hoverboard always remains well chanted, and the rider doesn’t need to worry about it getting stopped anywhere midway while traveling to a far-off place.

Along with this, the safety level of the ridder is also ensured by adding the feature of a sentry shield. This makes sure that the battery of your hoverboard is never overcharged to cause problems for you in the future,

  • Enhanced safety measures:

The first thing that the company is focused on is the safety of its riders. Thus, all the actions are taken while manufacturing the gadget to ensure that nothing would hurt the rider while enjoying the ride. The certification of UL 2272, which the company has been awarded, comes with this fantastic gadget. This certificate stamps that the manufacturer has taken all the required steps to ensure the rider’s safety.

All the wheels, pads, brakes, and batteries come with this certification guaranteeing the rider’s safety. Not only does this certification proves the parts of the hoverboard are safe, but it also gives the nod to the excellent working of the battery. The battery neither gets overheated, not does it stop working midway while you are riding the hoverboard.

  • Recharging is possible:

Another astounding feature, according to the Swagtron T5 hoverboard review, is the rechargeable feature of the battery. If you are an avid rider and love to use your hoverboard, you can always recharge the battery and use it repeatedly. Charging it fully, once, would give you the facility to ride it for fourteen miles. The amount of time required for a single charge is two hours. Thus, the gadget will facilitate you for many miles by getting charged just on.

  • Water-resistant:

This feature is a treat for the riders who love to ride their hoverboards during the rainy season. While choosing a new hoverboard, a rain lover should sneak peek into the gadget’s features. If it is not water-resistant, buying it would be no use as the rider won’t use it during rains.

Nonetheless, according to the Swagtron T580 reviews, it comes as a blessing in this situation. This gadget is water-friendly, and any splashed water doesn’t harm it in any way. No matter how much you use it in the water while being outdoor, the parts of the gadget won’t be affected. Along with this, the hoverboard’s design, color, and battery are also extremely sturdy and can endure all the water splashed on it.

  • Intelligent tilt:

The hoverboard works on itself; you need to hop on it. The gadget’s working is automatic, and whenever you want to turn, the hoverboard will automatically tilt itself. Yes, you read it right. The Swagtron T5 hoverboard review shows that the intelligent tilting feature of this hoverboard possesses surely sets it apart from its rivals.

At the same time, it adds to the safety of the person riding it. Self-balancing, at times, can get complicated for the rider. In this case, the original tilt feature comes in handy and makes the riding process easier.

  • Solid construction:

The built of this hoverboard is exceptionally sturdy. This means that no matter how long you use it, you will not see any significant effect on the looks of this gadget. The built of this hoverboard is strong enough to endure the pressure and long-term usage by the riders. Even if a biker hits it into something really hard, the hoverboard mostly retains its shape as well as functioning. Thus, having it is the right decision to give you the best value for your money.

  • LED Movement Indicators:

It is known that manufacturers who do not bring something new to the market soon vanish away. The hoverboard by this company has one unique feature, which makes it a much-wanted product in the market; that feature is the LED movement indicators. These indicators come in varied colors and add to the beauty of the gadget and the ease of usage for the rider.

  • Flame resistant frame:

Swagtron T5 hoverboard review shows that making the hoverboard has been done by keeping in mind all the possible dangers that a rider may have to face. The structure which is used in the making of the gadget is made flame resistant. Thus, if someone is overspending or not following the instructions that come with the manual, the hoverboard doesn’t easily catch fire.


Before buying a hoverboard and registering oneself as a member of the cool youth clan, it is imperative to ensure the product purchased is highly safe and makes the rides easier, not tough. The Swagtron T580 hoverboard review shows that it comes with an optimal learning mode should be your first choice, especially if you are looking forward to long-term, safe rides. The features explained above prove that this hoverboard is one of the best options available in the market at the moment.

Along with this, it also doesn’t require you to pay a fortune to get your hands on it. With a very minimal price tag, you can get your hands on this hoverboard that will stay with you for a very long period of time. The fast charging feature would also benefit you as you won’t have to spend hours making sure it is charged enough to ride you for many miles. The gadget is available both in the stores as well as in the online shops.

Thus, you can choose whatever source is more accessible for you to opt for. Within the price of $249.99, you would be able to get your hands on this hoverboard that will be easy, convenient, stylish as well as extremely safe for you.

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