Best White Hoverboards

8 Best White Hoverboards Reviews with Comparison

A hoverboard has become very popular in recent years. These two-wheeled scooters can help you balance and revolutionize the way you travel. But there are many choices, why choose white? Because white is a bright color associated with cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. This color can also create a sense of space or add highlights.

However, there are several options available in the market for customs. People who have to buy a hoverboard for the first time are sure to get overwhelmed. Without accurate information and the features you need, you can not buy the right product.

The best product should be e the one made of a solid frame, has well-built machinery, and its design should be attractive enough to gather all the attention it deserves. If you are looking for the best white hoverboards, the following reviews may help you.

8 Best White Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooter

1.   UNI-SUN Hoverboard

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An extremely affordable product, the UNI-SUN Hoverboard is a part of the chrome series. According to the budget, the user can opt for either a Bluetooth version or a non-Bluetooth one. This makes it easier for the user to opt for a product with the same features, but without the Bluetooth, its price goes lower to a great deal.

Along with this, the LED lights connected to the frontal wheels give this vehicle a glamorous look. The product makes heads turn wherever it moves towards. In terms of the rider’s age, this product can easily be used by kids above age nine but are below the age of thirteen.

Music lovers would love to grab this vehicle, as it comes with supported speakers. The speakers and the sidelights work well in support of the Bluetooth connection to the Hoverboard. No matter where the user is, he can easily connect the Bluetooth of the vehicle with that of his gadget, making it possible for the speakers to blast his favorite songs. The Hoverboard comes with an additional bag. This bag can place all the things the user needs to take along on the ride.

The main thing that sets this Hoverboard apart from others is the solid white colors that the manufacturer has given it. Alongside, the LED lights, when illuminated, allow the user to have a fun ride no matter how dark it is. The gyroscope foot sensor is yet another feature that adds to the productivity of this vehicle. This sensor can detect the foot’s movement instantly and take action immediately. Along with this, as this product is self-balancing, the user doesn’t have to be afraid of falling.


Charging time:3-5 hours

Best feature: Comfortable to ride

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2.   FLYING-ANT Hoverboard

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Considered the safest Hoverboard to opt for, this FLYING-ANT Hoverboard is undoubtedly the right product for your kids if you are a paranoid parent.

You must have heard many pieces of information regarding the hoverboards catching fire when the speed is high, and it would indeed have made you reluctant to buy one. However, the FLYING-ANT Hoverboard is safe from all such issues as it comes with the certification of UL 2272. This safety certification allows the user to be young yet keeps him safe from all kinds of tragedies.

The self-balancing feature of the Hoverboard yet again makes it THE PERFECT vehicle for your kids. Even if your kids are yet to learn the art of riding it, they will be able to move this Hoverboard with ultimate perfection and safety.

No matter at what speed your kid rides this Hoverboard, he will not fall, thanks to the self-balancing technique offered by the manufacturer. The LED lights attached to this Hoverboard’s front and back wheels will make all the other street kids go green with envy.

The charging time of this Hoverboard is merely three hours. After charging it fully, the user can ride it at the maximum speed of 12mph, allowing him to win all the races.

Battery: 1 aaa batteries

Charging time:3 hours

Best feature: Excellent range

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3.   Felimoda Hoverboard

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This elegantly designed Felimoda Hoverboard is a well-designed product that allows the user to attract the crowd whenever he takes it to the streets. The user’s control on it keeps the ride smooth and stable. Apart from this, the Felimoda Hoverboard is made for those who don’t have the experience of riding the Hoverboard. This is undoubtedly an excellent product for the learners to place their bets on.

This Hoverboard comes with two wheels, allowing the user to have an easy ride. The package also has a manual, which contains all the required details. Following the manual, the user can learn how to use it efficiently. The package also has a bag where the user can place his belongings while riding the Hoverboard.

The speed of this Hoverboard is ideal, which is possible due to the 36V / 2A battery attached to it. The user can even rotate it to 360 degrees, which makes it’s working even more efficiently. Talking about efficiency, the product can carry a weight of a maximum of 120 kgs. This allows even an adult to sit on it easily and ride it well.

Battery:36v / 2a battery

Charging time:5 hours

Best feature: Impeccable speed

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4.   JOLEGE Hoverboard

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The JOLEGE Hoverboard comes with excellent functioning and performance. The speed with which the user can ride this Hoverboard is 6MPH, which allows the user to reach his destination in the fastest manner possible. One primary reason why this Hoverboard performs so well is the 300W dual motor attached to it.

Thanks to this high-performing motor, the user can ride this board well. On the other hand, the battery is also quite well-performing. In a mere three hours, the user can charge it fully. Once fully charged, it moves for many miles without getting tired.

The stability offered by this Hoverboard is also quite significant. The self-balancing technology even allows the kid of any weight to ride this vehicle without falling off it. Thus, the rider can have a sturdy hold on the board, which ensures long rides without the fear of falling midway.

This safety is also due to the exceptional security standards followed by the company while manufacturing it. The certification of UL2272 offers a high level of performance yet a fast ride. This certification also allows the user to carry his load on the Hoverboard, no matter how heavy.

Listening to music while riding is yet another fantastic feature that music lovers find pleasure in. the Bluetooth speakers connected to the Hoverboard let the user connect his gadget with it and play the music just according to his requirements.


Charging time:2 – 3 hours 

Best feature: Safety standards

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5.   SISIGAD 6.5

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The SISIGAD 6.5 comes with one unit, making this product easy to deal with. The package this product comes from contains a charging cable and a manual, which makes understanding this Hoverboard’s working relatively stress-free. Everything written in the manual is quite detailed, making things sorted.

The latest Bluetooth version also made a part of this Hoverboard sets it apart from other options available to the user. It makes this product a wireless one, adding to the user’s joy while riding this Hoverboard. All one needs to do is connect the Bluetooth with another device, blast the music loud.

The well-curated battery added to the SISIGAD 6.5 hoverboard adds to the efficiency of the product. This happens as the charging time is low while the performance duration is large. This aids the user in saving electricity as well. WithiTherboard can get its 36V/2.0Ah Li-ion batteries are fully charged.

Bat within three hourstery:36v/2.0ah li-ion batteries

Charging time:3 hours

Best feature: Flashing led

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6.   VEVELINE Hoverboard

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The VEVELINE Hoverboard is quite a good-looking product that is sure to make many heads turn whenever someone is out on the street to ride it. The manufacturers have put a lot of effort into making it look different from the other options available to the users.

With the capacity to carry a rider of up to 260 lbs, it can be said that this Hoverboard is a perfect fit for all the adults who want to ride it. It is equally safe for both the kids as well as grownups. Alongside. The speed, as well as the range offered by the VEVELINE Hoverboard, is quite decent. It is neither too slow to bore the rider nor too fast to put the rider at risk.

With a sturdy frame used to make this product, it turns out to be long-lasting. It brands this product reliable. With an extra carrying bag part of this package, the user can place anything he wants in it while riding the Hoverboard.

The safety UL2272 standards make this vehicle a top-notch product, adding to the reliability. In addition, the self-balancing feature makes this product easy to ride for the kids. Even for an adult who doesn’t know how to ride it, the self-balancing feature makes things easier.

The built-in speakers are simply phenomenal. Coupled with a sturdy Bluetooth connection, they allow the user to blast the music loud enough while riding the Hoverboard. It is undoubtedly quite a treat for all music lovers.

Battery:10 lithium-ion batteries

Charging time: 2 to 3 hours

Best feature: Wireless speaker

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7.   Cho Hoverboard

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The Cho Hoverboard is manufactured by the Cho company, known for its phenomenal and class apart productivity. Even this Hoverboard is manufactured on a well-built and sturdy frame, making it a long-lasting product. The looks of this product are enough for the viewer to drool over it and buy it immediately. The design of this product is exceptionally well thought off. This design makes it a productive hoverboard, allowing the user to use the storage system efficiently.

UL2272 standards of safety certification further speak volumes of the high-quality performance of this Hoverboard. Even a kind who has never really driven a hoverboard can ride this one easily. Even for a learner who wants to learn how to ride a hoverboard, this is an excellent option to opt for. The headlight LED is also a pretty fantastic feature, which adds to the elegance of this product.

Battery:1 lithium-ion battery

Charging time:5 hours

Best feature: Led headlights

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8.   EPCTEK Hoverboard

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The EPCTEK Hoverboard is an electrical product, allowing the user to ride it efficiently. The noteworthy features in this product include the LED lights on the front wheels and the built-in Bluetooth facility. This Bluetooth facility allows the user to play his favorite songs, whether riding the Hoverboard. He needs to connect it with any gadget he likes and blast his favorite songs.

This product comes with a self-balancing feature, making it easy to ride for beginners. If you have a kid who has been alluring you into purchasing a new hoverboard, this one is what you should opt for.

Battery:10 aaa batteries

Charging time:3 hours

Best feature: High-quality rubber tires

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Buying the right Hoverboard could be a difficult decision if you have no idea about the features that should be a part of your selected product. However, if the color WHITE is your requirement, the products mentioned above would be an excellent choice to choose from. Considering your budget, you can select a product with all the necessary specifications that you are looking forward to having.