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5 Best Electric Scooter with Seats Complete Reviews

Are you looking for the best electric scooters with seats? Electric scooters are a convenient personal vehicle. They are usually powered by small electric motors attached to the wheels. The electric motor is powered by an on-board battery, such as a lithium battery. They can also be charged from the mains. In addition, some scooters will come with other features, such as a headlight or USB sockets.

Why these scooters are getting insanely popular amongst people these days? There are a lot of reasons. With time, their new and improved versions keep on being introduced by the companies. They keep on getting more and more affordable, accommodating and stylish.

Compared to segway or skateboards, electric scooters have many unique features. Especially a very simple feature, the seats make them a completely different experience. The seats make commuting more comfortable. It also make it easier for your children to sit. In this article, we will introduce some of the best electric scooters with seats. First, let’s find out some of the most important features of electric scooters.

Features of Electric Scooters with Seats

  • High in Speed:

Compared to other scooters that work with gas, these electric scooters are quite efficient in their gear. Owing to the less complicated process working in it, these scooters move extremely fast and provide a quick commuting method to the users. This is why they are quite in demand for all the youngsters who hate to waste their time of slow vehicles.

  • High Affordability:

Anyone who gets a small amount of money in the name of pocket money can surely not afford an expensive vehicle. To go to college or university every day, one surely needs an efficient vehicle. In such a situation, these electric scooters come in handy. In quite a small price tag, they are easy to purchase for students or those people who have recently got employed.

  • High Portability:

One significant advantage of having electric scooter is that anyone who uses it can avoid the long and tedious traffic jams quite easily. The evenings of large cities are notorious for painful traffic jams. The scooters, in such a situation, turn out to be a fantastic solution. People who ride this vehicle can move through the traffic quite swiftly.

  • Environment-friendly:

As the world is consuming more and more gas, the problem of global warming is aggravating. It has now reached a level that, according to the scientists, in a few years it will become impossible to bring the Earth back to the original condition. On the other hand, electric scooters make things better. Without using fuel and gases, they work quite efficiently and serve their users well. Thus, one can say that electric scooters are quite an environment-friendly option for users.

  • High Level of Comfort:

The companies manufacturing electric scooter have, in order to add to the comfort of the users, started placing high-quality seats on the vehicles. This further adds to the usability of the vehicle, and people love buying them rather than costly cars.

If you have finally decided to get your hands on an electric scooter, some of the best options available to you are as follows:

5 Best Electric Scooter with Seat Reviews with Comparison

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1. Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Razors is a company that is known to provide class-apart vehicles to its customers. As the name suggests, the looks of this company’s products are razor-sharp and defeat all its competitor’s products in their efficiency and affordability.

Being quite a reliable manufacturer amongst its customers, the company has managed to have a huge share in the market.

Being quite lightweight, it can be said that the 220 lbs weight of the scooter is quite manageable for a person with an average built. It is quite easy for him to take it from one place to another, even if in some case he has to drag it.

The performance of the scooter is highly efficient as it can moe up to the speed of 15mph. in terms of a scooter, this speed is quite a good one to opt for.

For an electric scooter, the source of energy is the main point of concern for potential customers. Thus, it is essential to mention here that the product comes with a rechargeable battery which is 24V seal system.

It is quite a long-lasting battery, and the user doesn’t have to worry about the scooter stopping midway owing to the lack of energy. Charging the battery once will help you in using the scooter for around twelve hours.

In terms of safety, this scooter takes quite good care of its users. The hand-operated brake at the backside of the scooter makes it a safe option to have. Apart from this, the tires used in this product are 10 inches wide, which further add to the comfort level of the user.


  • Strong steel frame and built
  • Rubber grips for better safety
  • Can be used for forty minutes continuously
  • Speed is about 15mph


  • Needs some level of assembling

2. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric ScooterAnother amazing product offered by the Razor company is the EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter. Being an American company, Razor is quite popular amongst its customers and is known for its elegantly designed scooters. This one is also quite a stylish option to go for.

The best part about this scooter with seats is the three months warranty that comes along with it. This means that, for three whole months, you can take this scooter to the manufacturing company and get it repaired no matter what kind of issue has raised. This adds to the reliability of the company. Furthermore, the cost of the tools assembled is a part of this warranty.

If a high level of comfort is what you are looking forward to having, this scooter is especially for you. The well-padded seat of this scooter makes it possible for the rider to sit on it for long hours.thus, even if you have to travel to a far off place, you will not fear tired or wearisome.  This seat is also detachable, which means that you can take it off if you want to add some luggage at the rear side of the scooter.

In order to add to the safety levels of the user, the company has given this scooter a unique pneumatic tube. This tube is attached to the wheels of the scooter. Thus, the chances of an accident are reduced to a high level. Apart from this, a varied range of speed options is offered to the user. This makes it possible for the user to select the speed in which he feels comfortable and safe.


  • Tires with pneumatic tube
  • Seats are well padded
  • A luggage rack can be removed easily
  • Comes with varied speed options


  • Needs assembling
  • Doesn’t move too fast

3. NANROBOT X4 8″ 350W Motor Powerful Adult Electric Scooter 

NANROBOT Motor Powerful Adult Electric Scooter

Carrying heavy vehicles is indeed tough. Therefore, most of the people prefer purchasing lightweight vehicles that they can carry around easily.

One of the most lightweight and highly portable electric scooters that a person can have is the NANROBOT X4 8″ 350W Motor Powerful Adult Electric Scooter. However, being lightweight is not its ONLY advantage.

The motor of this electric scooter is quite powerful, with the power of 350 watts, this motor works quite well and keeps the user extremely satisfied.

The lightweight, coupled with heavy motor, makes a lethal combination. The speed of the electric scooter thus gets to around 22 MPH. However, do not worry. If you do not want your ride to be that fast, it can move for 15 MPH as well.

Along with the powerful motor, the scooter also comes with a highly powerful battery. The kind of battery utilized in this scooter is extraordinarily sophisticated and has the capacity of 36V. Once you charge it well, it will be able to keep you riding it for around twenty miles. Apart from this, it will get fully charged in just four to six hours.

The design of the electric scooter is quite revolutionary. The fact that it is easy to fold makes it a vehicle worth having. This also adds to the portability of the bike. To add to the safety of the riders the electric scooter comes with rear brakes. These rear brakes make the riding experience of the user extremely safe.

The tires that come along with this electric scooter is 1 inch long. Thus, the rider is safe from the accidents and the rider can utilize this feature to ride for many hours. The warranty that comes with this scooter is for two years. For the battery comes with a warranty of one hundred and eighty days.

If you have finally decided to get your hands on this scooter, you would be pleased to know that it will be shipped to you within a week of your order.


  • Powerful battery
  • Sensitive brake system
  • LCD headlights
  • LED display


  • Makes a lot of noise

4. NanRobot D5+ Foldable Lightweight 2000W Electric Scooter

NanRobot D5+ Foldable Lightweight 2000W Electric ScooterIf you are someone who loves to ride high-speed vehicles, the NanRobot D5+ Foldable Lightweight 2000W Electric Scooter is surely for you. With the maximum speed of 40 MPH, this scooter is quite a favorite of the youngsters.

However, if safety is what you look forward to having, you can utilize the speed variation option of the scooter as this vehicle provides you with the facility of choosing the speed of your own choice.

The distance, at the maximum, that the product is going to cover for you is around 50 miles. However, you need to make sure that the battery of the vehicle is fully charged for that matter.

The lithium-ion battery of this scooter requires you to spend ten hours in its charging. However, once the battery is charged fully, the scooter will work with high efficiency.

The tires used in this vehicle come with the 10’’ size, and thus one can say, they make the ridding a lot easier. They not only make the ridding safer; they also ensure the scooter adapts to all the different kinds of roads it runs on, easily.

Adding to the safety of the rider, the brakes used in this vehicle are of supreme quality. They are present both at the front as well as the backside of the vehicle and keep the rider fully protected from all kinds of potential accidents.

The motors used in this electric vehicle are also two in number. With the help of the dual motor facility, the vehicle is able to move much more efficiently and a single push of the button can change the mode of working of the motors. Thus, adjusting the grip of the accelerator becomes easy. All you need to know is the right manner of using the handles controlling the motors and accelerators.

The efficiency of NanRobot D5+ Foldable Lightweight 2000W Electric Scooter is quite high and makes it worth having a vehicle. Owing to all the fantastic features that it comes with, the youth of today prefers spending its money on an electric scooter with seats rather than buying a car which is quite challenging to maintain. The cost of this scooter is also quite minimal as compared to the car, and is highly proficient in the working.


  • A lightweight option
  • Comes with two motors
  • Has front and rear brakes
  • Extremely safe and reliable


  • Assembling is a bit tough

5. RASSINÉ City Hopper 1000W Electric Scooter with Turbo Motor

RASSINÉ City Hopper 1000W Electric Scooter with Turbo MotorThe right kinds of tires add to the efficiency of a motor, and this is precisely what is done by the manufacturers while producing the RASSINÉ City Hopper 1000W Electric Scooter with Turbo Motor. The tires used in this electric vehicle are 14’’ that are surely praiseworthy.

Owing to this feature of the vehicle, it turns out to be much more safe as well as comfortable compared to its contemporaries.

All thanks to this feature of the vehicle, you can switch from one kind of road to the other quite swiftly. Also, it reduces the chances of you hitting your electric scooter in any other vehicle running on the road.

The motor used in the manufacturing of this vehicle is quite an advanced one. This motor is chain driven and helps the scooter in reaching a range of 35mph speed in a single go. However, if you want to reduce this speed, you can easily do it as multiple speed options are available for the rider.

Along with this, the built of this electric vehicle is quite sturdy. Made up of steel of great quality, the vehicle turns out to be quite a durable one. You won’t need to get it repaired time and again owing to some faults. However, if some error appears, you can easily claim a warranty from the manufacturing company for two whole years.

The design of this electric scooter is quite stylish. Compared to the other options available to you, this one surely wins. It doesn’t only look trendy but at the same time, is quite useful as well.

The carriage that comes with it can be used to carry things from one place to the other quite easily. Apart from this, the facility of choosing a battery of your own choice also makes it different from the other available option. You can, according to your requirements, either choose a lithium battery to be added in this vehicle or an acid battery, you can make a choice just according to your preference, and the company will custom build your bike.

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In today’s time and age, where economic stability is difficult to achieve, spending a lot of money on an expensive vehicle is surely not a good idea. In such a situation, electric scooter with seats comes in handy. It is not only extremely affordable but is quite an efficient vehicle as well. Due to the high level of portability, it turns out to be the perfect solution for anyone who needs a pleasant ride in a small amount of money.

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